Why Are Dentists’ Incomes Declining?

Dentists’ incomes are on the decline. In 9 out of the last 10 years, dentists have seen a drop in their earnings and the American Dental Association has forecasted that 2017 will be another down year for dentist’s incomes. Though the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession, dentists’ incomes have not bounced back. What’s behind dentists’ declining incomes? And what can dentists do about it?

Supply and Demand

The most basic principles of economics tell us that when supply is high and demand is low, prices will fall. This is what has happened in the field of dentistry.
Since the mid-2000’s, the demand for dental services has decreased. This could be, in part at least, due to the economic recession. However, even as the economy has improved, demand for dental treatment procedures has remained low. The dental industry is unique among most medical fields as the clear majority of dental work is discretionary. Patients can go years…even a lifetime without suffering complications from a missing tooth. Certainly, we all know friends or family members who have less than perfect teeth. However, the cost and fear of discomfort have been a sufficient deterrent to keeping patients from seeking cosmetic or orthodontic treatment.

Things aren’t good on the supply side, either. Despite the relatively weak demand for dental services, there is an increasing number of dentists. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, driving down prices further.

Hopefully, the demand for dental services will pick up again eventually. With unemployment falling, more adults should begin seeking dental care. However, there are other factors unrelated to the current state of the economy that is responsible for dentists’ declining incomes.

Corporate Dental Chains

One cause of dentists’ declining incomes is the rise of large corporate dental chains. Again, basic economics come into play. Big corporate dental chains have the advantage of economies of scale. By sharing resources among many different locations, these chains lower their operating costs.

In addition, most of these large dental clinics provide specialty services as well. This allows patients to receive comprehensive dental care under one roof. The inconvenience that patients experience when a private practice dentist refers patients to a local specialist is significant. Studies have shown that as many as 30-42% of patients never follow up on specialty dental treatments when they are referred outside the dental practice. Corporate dental chains don’t have that issue and are rapidly acquiring new patients at the cost of the traditional private practice dentist.

Thanks to their lower cost of business, corporate dental chains can offer services at a discount. While they may not be able to provide the individualized care as a private dentist, they still draw in customers with their low prices. To compete, other dentists in the area are forced to drop their own prices or lose customers.

Decreasing Insurance Reimbursements

Further affecting dentists’ declining incomes is a decrease in insurance reimbursements. In the past decade, the fees that most dentists charge for procedures have gone up. However, the amount that dentists are reimbursed by insurance companies has gone down.

The root of the cause stems from businesses demanding lower premiums for their employee benefit plans. This has forced dental insurance companies like Delta Dental to reduce reimbursements to dentists for dental treatments. In addition, insurance companies have created new “lower benefit” plans which are being rapidly adopted by businesses. Dentists are forced to either accept the new plans with the lower treatment costs and fees. If dentists refuse, they run the risk of losing a significant number of patients because that dentist is now “out-of-network”.

Payments from private insurance companies make up a large chunk of a dentists’ income. When reimbursement rates fall, despite rising costs, dentists are left hurting financially.

Rising Cost of Business

In addition to the low demand for dental services, competition with big corporate dental chains, and decreasing insurance reimbursements, dentists must also deal with the rising cost of business. Staff salaries, crushing taxes and regulatory fees, equipment, and facilities are all costs that add up quickly.

New expenses are constantly emerging for dentists. Dental practices are always investing in new technologies. The switch to electronic health records has also been costly for dentists. Strict privacy and legal requirements make implementing any electronic health record system expensive.

New Sources of Income

To combat dentists’ declining income, many dentists are looking for new revenue sources such as offering expanded dental treatment services. This is a difficult task for dentists who have been in the general dentistry practice for their entire career. The prospect of moving into offering more lucrative specialty services may be tempting, but most dentists don’t have the time, training, money, or desire to make such a switch.

Instead, many dentists are partnering up with dental specialists to bring in additional income. Every year, dentists refer out billions of dollars’ worth of specialty dental services to local dental specialists such as oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, and orthodontists. By keeping those services in-house, dentists can add as much as 30% or more production revenue to their practice.

Hiring a full-time specialist isn’t in the budget for your average dentist. However, working with an itinerant dental specialist allows dentists to offer the services of a specialist without the high cost. Itinerant dental specialists travel to the offices of general dentists and perform services for their clients. The dentist and the specialist then agree upon a treatment sharing financial structure where procedure revenue and expenses are split.

By bringing specialists into their office, dentists can increase their income without paying large upfront costs. It should come as no surprise, then, that more and more dentists are hiring itinerant dental specialists.

Matching Dentists with Specialists

The logistics of finding an itinerant dental specialist can be tricky. Dentists have specific procedures their patients need at specific times. How can they find the right specialist at the right time for the right price?

There are many new local and regional services that help dentists find qualified specialists. MyPractice9 is one of those services. The online service is free to member dentists who can post s specialty dental treatment request such as a multi-unit implant case. Subscribed local itinerant dental specialists are instantly notified of the request and respond by providing treatment proposals. The dentists simply select the specialist they feel most closely matches their practice culture and clinical need. MyPractice9 also provides a huge number of valuable resources to member dentists (also for free) such as pre-treatment check lists, patient consent forms, and treatment service contracts which outline the procedures, warranties and payment terms. This system makes it easy for general dentists to find itinerant dental specialists who can meet the needs of their patients.

By bringing in the right itinerant dental specialists, dentists can see tremendous growth in their practice. Patients also benefit from access to the best specialists in their regular dentists’ office. This all leads to happier patients and, hopefully, greater income for dentists.

DENTAL TRENDS – The Growth of Itinerant Dental Specialists

Itinerant dental specialists are growing in numbers and popularity. Due to dentists’ declining income and patients’ increased demand for special dental services, these specialists are in high demand. Still, many dentists are reluctant to work with an itinerant dental specialist. They have questions about how it works or aren’t sure if it’s right for their practice. In this article, we’ll talk about what an itinerant dental specialist does and how they can help your business.

What is an Itinerant Dental Specialist?

An itinerant dental specialist travels to other dentists’ offices to perform services. Itinerant dental specialists may rotate between several different dentists’ offices on a weekly or monthly basis, or they may be contracted on an as-needed basis. This differs from the traditional model, where dentists referred patients out to specialists.

A wide variety of specialists may choose to travel—periodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons can all be itinerant dental specialists. They perform services such as dental implants, extractions, or root canals, all in the offices of a general dentist.

Itinerant Dental Specialists vs. the Traditional Model

How does using an itinerant dental specialist compare to the traditional model of referring patients out? There are several advantages to working with a traveling specialist.

First, general dentists lose money when they refer patients out. Each year, dentists refer out billions of dollars’ worth of services to specialists. By using an itinerant dental specialist, these services are kept in the office. The dentist now controls the billing and contracts with the local traveling specialist to perform the treatment services. The dentist and specialist will agree on a treatment sharing percentage which typically includes sharing the costs associated with performing the treatment.

Without an itinerant dental specialist, dentists may feel that the only way to keep their clients in the house is to hire a full-time specialist. This can leave already struggling dentists paying another salary. Other dentists have chosen to perform minor procedures themselves, such as extractions. While this may work financially, it means patients are not receiving the high-quality services they would get from a dedicated specialist. The assumption of treatment liability becomes a major hurdle for private practice dentists who feel compelled to perform specialty dental services. When case treatment becomes compromised such as when there is a catastrophic failure of an implant, the cost, and complications of remediating these cases rise substantially. It is simply a matter of numbers. Private practice dentists typically don’t see enough cases in a month or year to provide the patient with the necessary care and experience when cases become unexpectedly challenged. An oral surgeon, on the other hand, will often see 10-50 times more implant cases in a month than the average individual dentist. In addition, the ongoing education that an oral surgeon goes through every year is utterly dedicated to these types of specialty treatments whereas a general dentist may have different educational and training priorities.

There are also advantages for specialists who choose to travel. Itinerant dental specialists can travel full time and avoid the high cost of renting and maintain medical office space and running their own private practice. They may also decide to have their own practice, then travel specific days out of the month to supplement their income. This works well for dental specialists who don’t have enough clients to fill their schedule. It is also an extremely powerful method for strengthening the relationships with their existing referral base who are undoubtedly being courted by other local specialists.

Dental specialists who are in high demand may especially benefit from traveling. Often, dentists and patients are willing to pay a premium for itinerant dental specialists. Highly qualified itinerant dental specialists can make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a days’ work, without worrying about the overhead costs that come with a private practice.

Finally, there are major benefits for patients. When patients require special services, a referral to an outside specialist can be a hassle. The patient has to call the specialist, set up an appointment, and go to an office they do not know for a procedure that is expensive and complex in nature. There is also more paperwork involved for the patient. Not surprisingly, many patients don’t follow through when they receive a referral from their dentist and in many cases, the patient never returns to the original dental office. With an itinerant dental specialist, patients don’t have to go anywhere—they can receive treatment right in their regular dentists’ office. Studies have demonstrated that patients are much more likely to accept treatment when the treatment is provided within the office of the general dentist.

A Growing Market

The market for itinerant dental specialists is growing fast. More dentists are employing traveling specialists rather than referring patients out. This is due to a number of factors, specifically, the rising costs of running a dental practice, dentists’ declining income, and the easy availability of itinerant dental specialists.
As the cost of doing business rises and dentists’ income falls, many dentists are looking for new ways to increase revenue. Adding the services of an itinerant dental specialist provides dentists an opportunity to bring in more money. This cash flow would have been going to outside specialists’ offices previously but is now shared between the general dentist and the specialist.

The internet has made it easier for dentists to locate specialists. There are several sites that help dentists connect with itinerant dental specialists who can perform the services they need. Sites like Dental Specialist Network and Synergy Specialists provide a pool of dental specialists from which dentists can select on a contracted basis. These services can be expensive but they do provide a nice resource for dentists looking for help within their practice.
One of the fastest-growing of these sites is MyPractice9. MyPractice9 is a bit different than other sites that connect dentists and specialists. On MyPractice9, dentists and specialists can both register and search for what they’re looking for. Dentists post jobs that they need to be completed—for example, a dentist may have a patient in need of an implant. Specialists can search and find jobs that are in their geographic area and area of expertise. By matching general dentists and itinerant dental specialists in this way, MyPractice9 is creating a new kind of market for dental services. Mypractice9 is free to dentists and they charge a flat rate monthly membership fee to specialists.

The advantages to dentists partnering up with itinerant dental specialists are numerous. By working with a traveling specialist, dentists can save money and provide better care for patients. Now that it has become easier than ever for dentists and itinerant

Apartments for rent in Doha

Doha being the capital and most populous city of Qatar emerges as the most important financial and economic centers in the Middle East. Doha has also become a shelter for many people due to its enormous growth in the planned community and outstanding architecture.

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Staying on top of studies, shopping for much-needed supplies and fulfilling life’s many other responsibilities can definitely be an extreme challenge.  Cutbuys is a new online shop aimed at delivering huge value in this area – packed with products students want and need, at price points that are difficult to beat.

July 26, 2017

If there’s one thing a huge number of students can relate to, it’s the need to stay on budget – hopefully, without making any sacrifices in the quality of the everyday gear, supplies, and accessories they require to take their classes and live their lives in a fulfilled and successful way.  The good news is they aren’t left alone in this struggle.  Cutbuys is a new online store who recently announced their launch focused on stocking a wide selection of all the useful, functional, cool and fun things a student could need, at low prices and backed by a very devoted and knowledgeable customer support team.  Not surprisingly students couldn’t be happier with the news.

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According to the company, current popular choices at the online store include electronics and electronic accessories; backpacks and bags; premium quality stationary and writing instruments; eye catching conversation pieces and much more.  New products are added to the catalog on a very regular basis, all with the same extreme attention paid to quality, detail and keeping prices reasonable.

Early feedback from student shoppers has been completely positive across the board.

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Concrete & Corian AnZa Espresso Machine: New Bedrock of Morning Routine

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA — The coffee world has undergone rapid change over the past few decades. But in spite of industry innovations, little change has occurred around the aesthetics of espresso machines. Why is that? This question burned in the back of the minds of San Francisco Bay Area design studio Montaag, who set out on a process to create something new. The result is the AnZa espresso machine, produced in two variations: one, brutalist concrete, and the other, an elegant white Corian.

The AnZa was created in a backyard shed by Montaag designers in Berkeley, California. The AnZa uses materials seldom found in kitchen appliances, not to mention espresso machines. The result is a spectacular espresso machine that will bring life to any kitchen, and an unparalleled conversation piece. After all, making espresso is an art, and the AnZa delivers beautiful coffee while working as a decorative sculpture.

“Surprisingly little in the way of new thinking has taken place in the world of espresso machines—especially given the attention paid to progressive interior architecture and how much real estate these machines take up in your kitchen,” says Per Ivar Selvaag, Principal at Montaag.

The team releases the new production machines after four years of testing and refinement. The new AnZa machines offer more than a strong cup of coffee and distinctive profile. The concrete and Corian models will be equipped with connectivity, giving users remote access, IoT integration, and the ability to program machines to fuel espresso habits.

AnZa will be available via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter beginning in August, with machines available at the beginning of 2018. For further information, and to be notified when the campaign launches, sign-up for AnZa news.

About Montaag

Montaag is a multidisciplinary design studio with offices in Berkeley, California and Oslo and Stavanger, Norway. Our passionate and eclectic mix of designers and researchers are driven to create insightful, functional, and unorthodox design solutions — solutions that add value and distinction, and ultimately sharpen your competitive edge.


Media Contact:
Andy Smith
+1 703 868 5853

Portable battery for Apple devices adds up hundreds of hours of life

A new portable battery for Apple devices is adding up to hundreds of hours of life to some Apple devices.

The LifeBattery AIR by FliFli is launching through IndieGoGo with an introductory price of $179 for one device. Perk levels go to $995 and deliver five of the portable batteries.

“When we bring the product to the open market, each battery will cost $299,” said company President Billy Park. “This is not like any other portable battery source on the market today. We designed it specifically for Apple products.”

One battery adds many hours of life to Apple’s suite of portables. When fully charged, the battery delivers:

  • MacBook Air 68 hours
  • MacBook Pro 63 hours
  • iPad Pro 38 hours
  • iPad Mini 53 hours
  • iPhone up to 360 hours
  • Apple Watch 1,960 hours

“We specifically put two charging ports on it too. A magnetic port on the side lets you use the magnetic grapple on many Apple cords. We put the traditional outlet plug on the face so you can lay the battery flat and not worry about knocking it over,” Mr. Park said.

The device comes with sensors to know what battery is charging and how much the device should receive. Mr. Park said it will not overcharge anything. Since it is a lithium-ion device, it will last for years.

“Apple Devices, especially MacBooks and iPhones need their sensitive and exquisite electronic wave flows to be charged in an unharmful way. Therefore, we grafted the latest delicate performing technology PSW (Pure Sine Wave) system embarked to LifeBattery AIR which naturally produces clean electricity to Apple devices without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically,” he said.

The battery comes in the traditional MacBook colors of Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

To see the LifeBattery in action, watch this YouTube video.

For more information about the battery, visit the IndieGoGo page.


Billy Park





DLIGHT4 Introduces a New Era of Lighting

Florida tech startup to launch crowdfunding campaign for NEW LED Lighting innovation

Florida tech start-up iTHINGS4 is soon to bring in its new advanced LED Controller DLIGHT4 to Kickstarter. The product is backed by several unique features not available regular LED controllers around.

Boca Raton – June 17, 2017  Promising Florida tech start-up iTHINGS4 has recently announced to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its new innovative LED Controller DLIGHT4. Engineered with unique features, the advanced controller enables one to adjust sequence, brightness and color of lights in just any room with IFTTT, Wi-Fi or voice-activated technology such as Google Voice and Amazon Alexa. It’s the first ever LED controller to extend reliable connectivity & integration with user’s existing network.

The state of the art controller enables users to choose from a vast and versatile gallery of 16 million+ light colors and there over 9000 real time luminosity effects. It is designed to integrate smoothly with all major home automation systems like Crestron, Lutron, RTI etc. The product is also connectable to various LED strip standards such as APA102, SK6812, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812 and so on.

“We are excited to introduce our game-changing LED controller DLIGHT4 to Kickstarter this month. Designed to delight, our fully connected and customizable controller is powered with tons of exclusive features to ensure a new dimension to the world of LED control. There is no dearth of LED controllers in the market but most of them are mere toys. Our innovation makes things better and exceeds expectations. It’s the first of its kind to allow users to connect LED strips to their Wi-Fi network in just seconds. DLIGHT4 comes with an intuitive control and is a breeze to use. You can use smartphones, IFTTT, tablets or even your voice command to change the pattern and color light instantly. Whether you want a cool & refreshing ambiance after a long tiring day or something warm and cozy for a comforting mood- our LED controller will bring to you whatever you wish in a flip. But such a revolutionary project demands massive financial backup for mass production. Hence, this crowd funding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated”, smiled Fraga, the CEO from iTHINGS4.

While asked about the inspiration behind the innovation, Fraga stressed on the lack of reliable and functional LED controller in the market. The existing ones are usually frustrating with poor customization and weak integration issues and DLIGHT4 is being launched to solve all such problems.

Speaking further, he presented a robust list of “unique” features that distinguish DLIGHT4 from all other regular LED controllers in the market.

  • Solid connectivity- DLIGHT4 is equipped to work with all most used protocols for home automation communication, WiFi and Serial.
  • Easy color temperature control-Unlike regular controllers, the latest one allows users to choose between warm & cold color tones. It promises strong connectivity as desired for a productive environment.
  • Open API- While regular LED controllers hardly allow easy connection with existing systems, DLIGHT4 brings in a positive change with its OPEN API. It allows anybody to develop integration, WebApps, APPs, and Sensors.
  • Open for all Digital LED- DLIGHT4 is the first of its kind to work with various LED strip protocols or standards.
  • Power Modes- For the first time users are getting a LED controller with Power Modes where one can define how the system will function after a power outage.

“Our product comes with a five pin connector where you can connect two buttons with several behaviors (each) and sensors to recall scenes. It’s also the first in the market with parallel output that will allow one to connect 2 LED strips simultaneously and enjoy the same behavior.”

Despite its cutting edge engineering, DLIGHT4 is extremely easy to use with its simple push button technology. Users can connect their LED strip to the new controller which they can further connect to power supply. In just seconds, the system will start working as a Wi-Fi router, enabling a convenient remote control on the LED lights. After installation, users can power, recall scenes, change color temperature, alter color palettes with only a SINGLE cheap Push Button that we find in any home depot stores.

Fraga also mentioned about the cool Music Reactive mode of their LED Controller. DLIGHT4 is uniquely designed to automatically respond to the audio environment in the room and will create myriad fun effects and animations in real-time based on the sound of the room. It is backed by a Smooth Dimmer Control for the fading effect during animations.

“Our backers would be getting a true innovative lighting technology that assures the most convenient and meaningful adjustment of LED lighting. Let’s join hands to bring the innovation to life.”

To show your support for DLIGHT4, subscribe at the website:  www.ithings4.com

Media Contact – media@ithings4.com

Full Press Kit Available for Download: www.ithings4.com/press

Social Media

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/ithings4

Twitter:       www.twitter.com/ithings4

Instagram: @ithings4

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Nexeon Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of Redesigned InstantDedis Website Offering Quality Instant Dedicated Servers

There’s no good reason to order a DDoS protected dedicated server and have to wait around looking at the clock for the company to deliver.  InstantDedis, now with a fresh new easy-to-navigate website, are delivering instant dedicated servers in the amount of time it takes a client to apply and pass fraud protection approval.

July 17, 2017

Being an online marketer or other business people often puts a high demand on speed and efficiency.  In that spirit, the idea a client should have to wait hours or longer to have access to a dedicated server after ordering can seem quite irritating.  Answering the call for quality, attractively priced instant dedicated servers is Nexeon Technologies, Inc. through InstantDedis.  The company recently celebrated the launch of their newly designed InstantDedis website made slicker, easier to navigate and clearer to understand than ever.  Clients couldn’t be happier with the news.

“We’re happy to offer instantly delivered, DDoS protected dedicated servers,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “Access is usually granted in 15 seconds or less.  This is clearly what many clients are looking for and we are providing reliable.  Come and see a big difference first hand.”

According to InstantDedis, inventory is kept of instant dedicated servers in both New York and Chicago, with availability updated live on InstantDedis.com.  The servers are delivered with “InstantOS” installed, but clients can easily reinstall any operating system of their choice. Up time average is 99.9% on the company’s high-quality network, with 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical support available if or when needed.

Reviews for InstantDedis service have been positive across the board:

Jason25, Corporate Member at WebHostingTalk.com, recently said in a five-star review, “If you want things fast, if you want a server instantly – the InstantDedis solution.”

Xavierteague, a member at WebHostingTalk.com also commented, “Lives up to the mark, ordered and got delivered in around one minute!”

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After the recent American elections, the global scenario in America changed for immigrants, at least psychologically. In a recent event with accomplished cinematographers, writers, editor, and producers from different countries, I could get a sense of how their unique and peculiar way of seeing life and bringing it to their craft and our experience as an audience is essential to the industry.

Los Angeles is the place to be, and it’s also where you can find such artists.  The first one I met was Luciana Capela, a Brazilian writer and editor that’s been living in the US for almost four years now and had her films screened in more than fifteen festivals in America and in Europe, taking home a few awards for titles like Mirage, a psychological thriller  co-written with the Mexican Nuel Caslo, Heavy Cross, which also she co-produced with the Greek director and producer Dimitris Tranos, A Sense of Reality and Zelma’s Unfinished Business – a production she co-wrote with Batsheba, a Malaysian actress, and director and worked with Giulia Governo – an Italian director of Photography.

Giulia is a free spirit that has been traveling all over the world to get the best angles and learning lights and composition. With not only her background in Italy with photography, she got deeply invested on Filmmaking, celebrating her awards with her colleagues thought the years. Never afraid of a challenge, Giulia embraces it all, from web series to shorts and feature films. Her awards count from Zelma’s Unfinished Business, Heavy Cross, and nominations for Plenum and with her ongoing success “At Least give me a Kiss.” Giulia and Luciana are working together again on the project SEDONA, a web series produced by Little Wolf Productions, owned by Lizz Whalen – an American producer and documentarian specialized in matters that talk to the soul, self-healing and grounding, who had her productions in festivals and on her youtube channel. “Sedona is a project that started after a personal life crisis, and we keep developing it into something bigger so we can not only take something to ourselves but help more people with its outcome,” says Luciana, who created the concept and is also the writer and editor of the episodes. “We are very excited about this piece because it’s also about personal experience and we want to show how differently we all perceive the same events,” Giulia added.

It is especially interesting to notice how often they end up working together, and they all claim that the diversity take it to a whole new level, because it helps to reach out to more cultures globally. The struggle is real, but they’ve been proving how much we all can benefit from having this connection and to make this world a more united one.

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