Win Profit Business: European company will become the main prize of a large-scale raffle

31 May 2017 will be held a large raffle, where participants will have the opportunity to win a European company operating in the field of educational services and have a private school.

The price of a ticket, the purchase of which will give the possibility to participate in the draw, is 100 euros. The minimum number of tickets issued – 5,000, and there is no upper limit. If less than 5,000 tickets sold, the winner will receive half of the proceeds from ticket sales.

Company Alinvest – the grand prize of the raffle – is engaged in the provision of educational services. In its ownership, there is a private high school, where the tuition paid. The company has no debt, and 36 specialists work there. The authorized capital – 2846 euros. The total amount of taxes paid in 2015 – € 56,900.

The draw will be conducted using the online draw service created in 1998. The system is still one of the largest in the world. It introduced Keno and Lottery Quick Picks – Tools for the draw of valuable prizes.

“We always preferred to do things differently when it was possible. In turn, when the idea of the possibility of drawing presented, where everyone could afford it, we quickly adopted it, because many of white-collar workers have already thought about the possibility of having their own business. Social media has allowed this to happen. Five years ago, it would not be possible”, – said the chairman of the company Askolds Lukasevics.

The Financial Police will supervise the raffle, Lottery and Gaming Supervision Inspectorate, a sworn notary and the Treasury. The procedure is completely public.

The winner will also be given the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Latvia. This possibility is available for a member of the board of directors, the administrator or the liquidator: it is possible to travel in Latvia with his family. If you do not have the capacity or the desire to move to Latvia, the management of the company can be entrusted to an Alinvest specialist.

Detailed information about the lottery and Alinvest is available at, the official website of the raffle.


Chairman Askolds Lukasevics

+371 266-33-373