1969 Firebird Set to Ignite a Revolution in Support of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Deemed the quintessential “Bernie Sanders’ Crazy Fan” classic car lover Jchon announces a revolution on INDIEGOGO.  He’s currently raising funds to custom paint a 69 Firebird that will travel alongside the presidential candidate on the campaign trail.

Flint, Michigan – June 2, 2016 – Phenomenally linking Flint, Michigan with Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, classic car lover Jchon announces a revolution.  Attempting to save America from a corrupt enterprise, his plan may be just sane enough to work.  Shouting the Sanders battle cry, “America is not for sale!” the classic car will travel alongside the presidential hopeful throughout his campaign under the tagline “1969 Firebird Revolution.”  The car will then be donated to the fine city of Flint, Michigan to help end their water crisis.  But first, Jchon wants INDIEGOGO support to restore the classic car slated to be a new type of presidential memorabilia.

Jchon said of the effort, “Bernie Sanders understands the plight of the poor and middle class.  He might just be our last chance to end the power currently maintained by the elite 1%. This classic car will help to build excitement and help supporters to connect and engage.”

To excite donors, Jchon offers them a chance to win fun prizes and be a part of a historical event.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/69Firebird-Revolution-1564031020577538/?skip_nax_wizard=true.

About 1969 Firebird Revolution:

1969 Firebird Revolution was founded by Jchon to raise awareness for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  To do this, the classic car lover is presently raising funds to custom paint the vehicle and drive it state-to-state following Sanders’ campaign.


Representative, 69 Firebird Revolution

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