We are Teaching Science the Wrong Way

There are thousands of science teacher organizations, science products, science museums and science media.  There are new national science curriculum standards. So why is it that 60% of America’s 70 million children either underperform or fail science tests mostly never increasing their science skills?

The overwhelming evidence from numerous research and data collected from over 20 years concludes that children don’t learn science the old fashioned way anymore.  Billions of dollars have been spent and no curriculum, service, product or museum has made an overall impact.  The biggest problem is that there is a huge disconnect between teachers and their students with the understanding of the definition of science, which scientists are, and the different types of science careers.


The leading science education organization in the world has developed Scientist Trading Cards – a revolutionary yet simple Next Generation Science Standards product that will change the way children will ultimately learn about science.  Kids can relate to trading cards, and they love hands-on experiments and games. This is the future of science learning and now for the first time, they will have the essential information about scientists who are making a huge difference and aspiring all of us to enjoy better and richer lives.  Kids can now look forward to new opportunities rather than wondering if it is more important to become an athlete or celebrity.  Ultimately, children can play and grow with a product that will enhance skills for a lifetime.

Teachers and parents can support the future of science learning with this fantastic opportunity to enrich their children’s lives and change everything about the way we teach the most exciting subject on earth.