AFTAMATH – The New Hangover Cure

A new and creative company has just launched the brand Aftamath, said to be the cure to all hangovers.

Aftamath is a patented drink that has been scientifically tested to show that it helps hangovers. The key ingredient, globefish protein extract, reduces acetaldehyde which causes hangovers and promotes aldehyde dehydrogenase which dissolves acetaldehyde. The extract also reduces the concentration of alcohol in the blood and activates the bodily systems which dissolve alcohol.

Another key ingredient, Turmeric Extract, improves the function of alcohol absorbed in the liver. It’s for these scientifically proven benefits that Aftamath is the winner of several prizes in exhibitions and fairs and is fast on the way to becoming the most popular hangover beverage.

Launched by entrepreneur Jay Carty, the inspiration behind Aftamath was simply a young man looking to fill a need in his life.

A passionate lover of life, Jay is well-known on the social scene and often attends several events, parties and launches each week.

He said: “The one thing about this business idea that I can truly say is that it works, it does exactly what it says on the tin.  And we want to prove that to people so we have a marketing strategy being rolled out which will see thousands of cans being given out across the country free to show people the real power behind Aftamath.

“I want people to see for themselves the results and experience the strength of this drink.  I want people to wake up feeling much better than ever before the next day instead of being sick due to the various toxins, colourants and additives in alcoholic beverages today.

“We are a young, small young, dynamic team of creative people who came together with a passion for creating, producing and distributing a unique, functional health drink that could be integrated into people’s social lives as well as drank on a day to day basis.”

According to Jay, Aftamath doesn’t have to get in the way of a night out either as it “can be taken as a mixer or cocktail with a variety of spirits, including whisky and vodka”.

“We’re excited about working with the trade on this product and we hope to forge some unique relationships with popular spirit brands for example to create fantastic cocktails or mixology recipes.”

With the fruity taste of juice and hint of sourness, this refreshing drink is set to not only cure a hangover but wipe away the taste of lingering alcohol in the mouth. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, so won’t interrupt a good night’s sleep

Aftamath will be giving away samples through social media in the upcoming weeks to allow the public to taste and test this hangover cure.

RRP: £1.89 – £1.99

For more information log onto,  email Jay at or call 0121 358 4094.

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