Ahead of July 4, 2016, LuxoLite Releases Fireworks Bulletin

During the month around Independence Day, an average of 230 people will go to the ER daily

JUNE 20, 2016 – The team at LuxoLite has officially released a fireworks bulletin ahead of July 4, 2016. During Independence Day celebrations and the month around the holiday, more than 200 people will go to the emergency room daily for injuries sustained during fireworks.

Fireworks are a typical part of 4th of July celebrations, yet they can bring serious injuries to the hands, fingers, head, face, ears, eyes, and other body parts. In some instances, fireworks accidents can even cause death. In 2014, nine deaths resulted from 8 various fireworks accidents.

LuxoLite warns people across the country to use caution when lighting fireworks. Since lighting fireworks usually happen in the dark, LuxoLite advises people to use hands-free light sources, such as their headlamps, to offer illumination for lighting fireworks. Also, LuxoLite warns people never to place any part of the body over a fireworks product when lighting the fuse, and once the fuse has been lit, LuxoLite says that people need to quickly back away to a safe distance.

Fireworks that haven’t fully ignited shouldn’t be picked up or handles, and keeping a source of water nearby can be useful in the case of a fire or other situation. LuxoLite reminds people never to carry fireworks in their pocket, and after fireworks have been spent, their casings should be doused in water before discarding.

Parents should also be supervising fireworks, and young children shouldn’t be allowed to play with fireworks.

According to LuxoLite, when people use due diligence and an abundance of caution, fireworks can be safe and fun for everyone.

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