The Amazing Chill Towel by Cool Daddy Products Is Now Available Exclusively on Amazon

Chill towel, the extremely efficient cooling towel, by Cool Daddy Products is now available on Amazon.

(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania) – Cool Daddy Products is pleased to announce that its innovative Chill Towel is available exclusively on Amazon.

The Chill Towel is an active cooling towel that promises to offer instant relief and keep users refreshed. It is safe to use on children, any outdoor activities and is surprisingly beneficial for relief from hot flashes. This useful product provides instant cooling for hours, and it is customizable; it can be cut according to each user’s needs.

Well, above average temperatures are expected this summer in the United States, affecting the everyday life of citizens.  The heat can have a tremendous impact on internal body temperature and heat injuries can occur when it rises to 103 degrees or higher.  In humid conditions, this can happen rapidly, within 10-15 minutes.  Fortunately, an effective solution is available to help individuals and families all over America. The Chill Towel works both dry and wet; when dry it absorbs moisture, and when wet it provides a cooling effect as it becomes significantly cooler than the outside air.


Made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge that cools as water evaporates, this unique product can absorb eight times its weight in water for longer evaporation times than conventional towels. It works from both sides; one side absorbs moisture, and the other side cools. The Chill Towel delivered in a convenient storage tube suitable for easy packing and transport.

As Sara Stokes, founder of Cool Daddy Products, emphasizes “we use innovative technology to provide products that promote comfort, safety, and healthy lifestyles. So that you can be you, without the worry of injury. We are committed to integrating performance with security in an extremely useful way.”

Now, this groundbreaking, customizable, machine washable product is available on Amazon for only $24.99. The company offers 100% money-back guarantee and full refund, no questions asked, since it is dedicated to providing the highest quality of products. Exciting, right?

Further information and details on how to order the Chill Towel are available exclusively on Amazon at

About Cool Daddy Products

Being active is a way of life. Overheating and extreme weather conditions should not interfere with an active lifestyle. Cool Daddy Products provides sporting accessories to help stay cool under pressure and fight the heat. Providing products that support a healthy lifestyle is the primary goal of Cool Daddy Products.