Aquino Sergio Productions Presents the Inaugural Release

No control, the first release from Portuguese pop sensation Laura Mendes under Aquino Sergio Productions. The mini album contains six singles, and can be downloaded through iTunes.


Paris, France- April 2016—French-born from Portuguese parents, Laura Mendes was raised in a multicultural environment which enabled her to embrace a variety of sounds that she would later incorporate into her music. Mendes had been performing locally in Paris and built up a Facebook following of fans who enjoyed her music. It was on Facebook that she discovered by music producer Sergio who immediately realized that her vocal performances and work ethic created the potential for her to someday be a European pop star. According to her producer, Mendes has a vocal and stylistic range that will enable her to create standard pop songs, as well as, Latino and R&Bsingles.

Her sound has been likened to Demi Lovato, something that Mendes appreciated wholeheartedly. “I feel so grateful to see my album go public and compare to my idol, Demi Lovato,” says Mendes. “Suddenly, it seems like all my hard work is paying off. This album gave me the opportunity to not only showcase my voice but put sound to my thoughts and feelings.“

No Control is Mendes’s favorite song on the new album because it showcases her vocal range, but also one that incorporate soulful piano melodies that mirror the passion she has within her. The song is in English and is sure to be a hit with the UK and American audiences who have shown their appreciation for smooth ballads in the past.

Sergio Aquino Productions is a Paris-based production and event company who works with new artists to showcase their talents, and help them enjoy the possibilities as Indie recording artists. The company has help artists like Mendes gain recognition and access to venues. This May 28th Laura Mendes will be performing at the Festival National Twirling Baton in Lucon, France. Tickets are available through the website (

We have worked with other artists in France to develop their unique sound so that they can achieve the type of recognition they deserve. Laura Mendes has not only an incredible voice, but a work ethic that will help her to not only grow her talent but also her fanbase. What many don’t realize in this business is that the more hard-working you are, the easier it is to get gigs and show. She’s gorgeous, talented, and brings with her that hunger and fire that you see in artists like Lana del Ray or a young Stefani Germanotta. ~ Sergio Aquino

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