An artisan handcrafted heart shaped Himalayan Salt lamp available to improve air quality

The modern rustic and hand carved Heart Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps designed to naturally improve the quality of the air while producing a soothing amber light and premier home ambiance ideal for a sense of wellbeing and a good Feng Shui decor, have been launched on Amazon.

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Research has shown lighting in a room plays a significant role in the general mood of people in that chamber. These studies suggest soft warm lighting helps create a caressing and calm environment, especially in the bedroom where creating a mood for quality sleep is so important. The newly released Himalayan salt lamps use light fixtures that spread warm yellowish light instead of the less calming cold white light. These amber glowing Himalayan salt crystal lamps with their visually appealing design also integrate into the design of a bedroom more harmoniously. The simple, efficient and natural air purifier doubling as an attractive source of light and a home ambiance piece was developed by the prominent Useful Innovation, a company committed to introducing a variety of high quality, unique and natural air purifiers for home use that combine premier functionality with unique artistry and elegance.

An artisan handcrafted heart shaped Himalayan Salt lamp available to improve air quality

The company has now announced that its highly popular Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps releasing negatively charged ions to help clear allergens, dust, pollen or other impurities and naturally improve indoor air quality for a sense of wellbeing while also producing a calming amber colored source of light with a dimmer switch to adjust between a night light and medium intensity light, is now available on Amazon at

The eco-friendly and air purifying salt lamps by Useful Innovation are ideal as a romantic, imaginative and practical gifts or a rustic, organic, and unique home décor and ambiance piece for good Feng Shui. This Himalayan pink salt lamp is hand carved into a unique heart shape from select Himalayan salt rock to ensure a slightly different and individual work of art each time, mounted on an attractive and durable Neem wood base and lighted by an internally placed 10 watts light bulb.

Useful Innovation explains that “we believe the lamps we offer go beyond merely being an interesting conversation piece, which puts negative ions into the air, naturally improves air quality, produces a calming amber light, and creates a feeling of wellbeing. Our lamps will look in place in any setting, and each one is handcrafted to ensure a slightly different work of art. They are an appropriate décor piece for a well-balanced and excellent home with the smart lighting and good quality of air that are the very basics of good Feng Shui”. Click to buy on Amazon at n-Purifier-Carved-Romantic-Eco-Friendly/DP/B017QPJQ4W