Bank of Cancer Research Announces Ambitious Plan to Found a Bank Where Profits are Used to Fund Much Needed Cancer Research

A bank whose mission isn’t the pursuit of money for profit’s sake, but instead to help find a cure for a disease that touches nearly every family, at one time or another, in America.  The Bank of Cancer Research recently announced their concept for their bank, along with their “Tell Someone Else” social media campaign to spread the word to people who would love to use the bank if they could.

It would be difficult to find an issue that touches (or even takes) as many lives as cancer.  It’s also a disease where research is not only important, but it is often expensive.  And where many scientists, doctors, and other experts believe finding a cure is possible.  All this, and more, has inspired the idea behind the Bank of Cancer Research, a proposed bank working hard to become a reality, ran just like banks people use every day but with one big difference – the bank’s profits will be used to fund cancer research.  Recently, the Bank of Cancer Research launched an exciting “Tell Someone Else” campaign on social media, where people who would like to become a customer of the bank, tell a friend about the remarkable and revolutionary idea that could help solve one of the world’s greatest problems.

“This year we saw a bank make a profit of $9,000,000,000,” commented a spokesperson from the Bank of Cancer Research. “Would imagine the impact on cancer treatments if banking profits were used to fund cancer research?”

According to the company, once the Bank of Cancer Research has gained enough future customers, through means like their current social media campaign, they will approach the signatories of the Giving Pledge to raise the capital to purchase a bank and make the Bank of Cancer Research a reality.

The idea of the new bank has been met with a passionate response.

Christine C., from Boston, recently said, “This is the best idea for a bank ever.  My whole family will use the Bank of Cancer Research as soon as they open.  We want to see our money make the world a better place.”

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