BikerLoops™, A Tailor-Made Navigation App for Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

BikerLoops™, set to launch as an iOS app in May of 2017, is the only community-based GPS app designed specifically for bikers.

Shrewsbury, VT— BikerLoops™ seeks to fill a niche in the market with a new smartphone navigation app that aims to help bikers discover and share the most motorcycle-friendly routes, restaurants, lodging, bars, and gas stations. The app is in its final stages of development and set to launch in May if its Kickstarter funding is successful.

“Our vision is to give an already tight-knit riding community a platform to share their appreciation and love for people, places, and the open road and to elevate everyone’s travel experience.” –Christina Gilman, Founder, and CEO of BikerLoops™

The reason for the Kickstarter is to raise money to launch and market the app.  BikerLoops™ is designed to be social and collaborative and will gain its full potential with a large user base.  BikerLoops™ is offering a variety of rewards for those who donate to the Kickstarter, including a free one-year subscription to the app. The initial funding goal is $20,000, and the company hopes to raise $35,000 so that they can immediately begin coding the Android version of the app.

The app will be available for iPhones in the App Store in May 2017, and the Android version will become available soon afterward pending the success of the Kickstarter campaign. The campaign can be found at – or searching BikerLoops on


Christina Gilman

BikerLoops LLC

111 Wilderness Rd.

Shrewsbury, VT 05738


P: 802-345-6679