Brothista’s Unite Celebrate: Bone Broth IN * Chemical Foods OUT

Boned, A Broth Company launched in November of 2015. Boned has since seen heavy reordering and shelf recognition for their carvable artisan bone broth. Consumers are seeking convenient food options outside chemical ingredients in stores, and these educated grocery foodies want traditional cooking alternatives, unique health benefits, and a huge boost of collagen protein in the most bio-available form.

We see customers not only cooking with our bone broth elixirs but also drinking them every day as part of their healthy lifestyle. We are so proud to see that ‘Boned Broth’ is delivering what consumers have been asking for” says co-founder Dr. Christian Brix.

Boned makes extremely nutrient dense grass fed beef and free range chicken bone broths that can be consumed as a functional beverage or used for cooking as an ingredient.  The organic ingredients are sourced locally and are free from GMO’s, pesticides and preservatives. They are cooked fresh and sold flash frozen.


Boned has become ubiquitous in grocery stores from Vancouver Island to Manitoba and throughout Western Canada. Partnerships with Horizon Distributors and PSC Natural Foods provides access to stores even in the most remote locations.

Listening to our consumer response, it wasn’t going to be long before retailers and consumers in Eastern Canada got wind of the brand and its delicious bone broths.  Boned is excited to announce a new partnership with the Ontario Natural Foods Co-op (ONFC) for distribution in Central and Eastern Canada.

“We could not be more excited to have our broths available nationwide for consumers to taste!”, Said co-founder Maria Levko. 

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