New York, NY— Broadway Babysitters, New York City’s first entertainment specific childcare agency, is set to officially open on Tuesday, May 24th. Broadway Babysitters, which first launched their childcare drop-off center at Pearl Studios in NYC on March 5, 2016, was created by Broadway actors Vasthy Mompoint (Rocky) and Jennifer Malenke (Into The Woods) to meet the needs of the families of New York City as well as the performing artist community and their families. Now their referral-only childcare agency is officially open for business for everyone in New York City.

All sitters employed by the Broadway Babysitters agency are professional performing artists. This gives parents the option of having a sitter who can not only care for their child but who can also teach dance, music, acting and more.  “We are not interested in competing with the major agencies, what we are creating is a community,” says co-founder Mompoint. “We are referral-only, so we personally know all of our sitters. These are Broadway artists, musicians, and singers who are not only talented but also enthusiastic about childcare.” Broadway Babysitters are pre-screened with background checks and are trained in CPR and special needs by the company. Aware of the difficulty parents with special needs children face in finding appropriate childcare, Broadway Babysitters has made it their mission to be the agency that those families can go to with confidence.

“My brother is special needs, and finding care for him by people who are trained to understand how he thinks and sees the world is incredibly difficult. Many actors that I know are empathetic by nature and have a deep understanding and love for other people, and they also see the world from other people’s perspectives by trade, so for a parent to have someone who wants to care for and connect with a special needs child is invaluable,” says Malenke.

Broadway Babysitters is also the first agency to provide specific services to artists and their families. Artists receive discounted services for childcare through the agency and also have access to the Broadway Babysitter Audition Drop-Off Center located in midtown Manhattan.  “Performing parents can drop off their little ones with us while they book their next gig; it has already proven to be a ‘game changer’ for so many artists and their families,” says Mompoint. Those who sign up with Broadway Babysitters on the grand opening day, May 24th, will be entered for a chance to win a lesson with a Broadway artist, a month subscription, or an hour of free childcare. Broadway Babysitters’ philosophy is that childcare should be engaging and fun.  “We cannot wait to share our amazing childcare providers with the families of New York City. As a family I worked with for years used to say, ‘less screen time, more playtime,’ and we could not agree more,” says Mompoint.

For more information about rates and how to sign up, please visit the Broadway Babysitters website at

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