My Busy Book, a fully-interactive sensory stimulating children’s fabric book, designed to provide a busy activity for keeping kids happy, interested, engaged, and entertained, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and the necessary financial backing to develop a large shipment of the product.

Borne from a passion for new children through a crafty hands-on approach contained within a singular book, My Busy Book contains soft felt pages, each with a different child safety subject for helping kids to discover new knowledge and abilities. And also, it is paramount – the size of the book is compliant with export requirements in child development area.

“This book covers the entertainment, engagement, and educational components for children all in one place,” said Rina Wise, Founder, and Developer behind My Busy Book. “Children will be unknowingly learning about primary colors, shapes, numbers, and counting skills while they feast their eyes on fun-to-touch and easy to maneuver felt pages.”

My Busy Book helps children develop fine motor skills, logical thinking skills, attentiveness, creativity and ingenuity, imagination, determination and perseverance, mathematical skills, and cognitive skills. The book is designed to above all, be a real wonder for children in our world dominated by mind-numbing technology and television-based learning immersion.

My Busy Book will keep kids just as entertained as turning on the television or your nearest iPad,” said Rina Wise. “It does so in an old-fashioned, hands-on crafty way to keep kids interested and away from incessant technology, and mothers and fathers can sit back and enjoy a calming hour or two, without any worries.

Spread the word on the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, and head on over today to help us reach our goal for widespread distribution of our revolutionary product.”
Additionally, My Busy Book provides kids with real-life activities encountered daily, providing the children with the opportunity to have positive experiences with the real world around them.

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