The Car Phone Mount by D & A Technologies also charges 3 devices at a given time.

In addition to supporting a large range of smartphones from iPhone to Samsung, the Car Phone Mount manufactured by D & A Technologies also enables users to charge any three devices at the same time. It also includes a micro-USB cable for absolutely free of cost.

21st June 2016 – The Car Phone, Mount by D & A Technologies, ensures the safety of car drivers as they can make calls, both business and personal, on the go without having to hold the phone in the hand. The mount is a clean, simplistic design with superior materials that helps it hang on to the phone with a firm grip. It perfectly fits any phone in a convenient manner with phone size ranging from 58mm to 85mm. The cushioned pads that are found on the Phone Car Mount ensure that the phone does not get ghastly scratches and is cradled effectively within its grip at the same time.

A unique feature of the Car Phone, Mount by D & A Technologies, is its ability to charge three different devices at a given point of time. This eliminate the need to carry a power bank to charge different devices. It consists of a dual USB port and a cigarette port. Therefore, whether one is out with friends or family on a road trip or is only running low on battery, they can be assured that their smartphone will never blank out. It also comprises of a short circuit and overcharge projects so as not to cause any damage to the devices.

This Car Phone Mount by D & A Technologies comes with a 360-degree rotation feature with a Gooseneck. This ensure that one can position their phone the way they want to without facing any hindrances. Buyers also get a 1-year warranty with their mounts. Not just that, they also get a bonus Micro USB cable for free of cost with their purchase.

“This mount will change the way that you travel in your car; never will you have to worry about having low battery when you travel.”

“Unlike some companies we put our customer service and product quality over anything else.”

The idea for the Car Phone Mount with a 3 – device charging port came into existence when a father and son duo found it terribly uncomfortable to carry a power bank every time they traveled and decided to change that for good.

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