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Prepare for an alternative to land-based war games!

Cleveland, Ohio – June 27, 2016 – NG Enterprise, LLC today launched a campaign to introduce their innovative game app called Dangerous Seas. The project listed on the hottest crowdfunding website to date called Kickstarter.

Dangerous Seas is the first underwater war app game. Several other war games exist, but their battles all occur on dry land. Gregory Thompson, the game’s creator, states that he came up with this idea after living at water’s edge his whole life. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio near Lake Erie and has always drawn to the water. He’s also an avid war game player. What a better way to combine these two loves!

NG Enterprise, LLC is a small family-owned company that prides itself on helping others succeed. Mr. Thompson, the company’s Vice President, states “I am always looking for ways to help others and be a part of a greater cause. It’s the ‘human ladder’ philosophy.” Within a cooperative environment, challenges and goals are attainable that may have been out of reach without the help of a team. For example, the demo video and 2D drawings used for the startup of Dangerous Seas are the work of artists hired from the website called Freelancer. It boasts itself as the world’s largest crowdsourcing marketplace. This site is a hub where potential freelancers and employers can join up to create the perfect project.

Kickstarter also has that team concept. On their site, any US resident can post their creative project. From there, thousands of people peruse listed projects looking for that one, or ones, deserving enough for their donation. If their project ultimately gets funded, then the backers get the reward pre-determined on the project’s pledge list. It may sound complicated, but it’s just people helping individuals who are what NG Enterprise is all about. That’s why they are teaming up with Kickstarter to get their newest venture going. They, themselves, have also made hundreds of dollars in donations to other projects looking for funding on Kickstarter.

Look for Dangerous Seas on Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, and where this crowd-funding project is hoping to gain excitement in a world of game-loving people.


President: Nikole Washburn
Vice President: Gregory Thompson

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