Celebrity Floral Designer, Adam Afara Talks Variety’s “Unite 4 Humanity” Celebrity Pre-Oscar Party

Adam Afara is a well-known celebrity floral designer and custom even florist operating in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Mr. Afara has worked with countless celebrities and artists, including singer-songwriter Lady Gaga to create unique high-end designs for events, videos, and other extravaganzas. Most recently, he was asked to create the floral arrangements and designs for Variety’s Pre-Oscar Party, Unite 4 Humanity.

Los Angeles, CA—Unite 4 Humanity is a benefit “pre” party staged around the Oscar ceremonies with the intent to raise awareness and funds for causes that inspire and unite mankind, or as Variety puts it: “Celebrating Hollywood’s passion for social good”. This year’s ceremony was held at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, and honored celebrity activists: Olivia Wilde, Morgan Freeman, Matthew McConaughey, Seith Rogan, Gina Rodriguez, and Lauren Miller. Each award recipient was honored for their individual humanitarian contributions in the US and abroad. The event is one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the circuit and for this reason, Variety reached out to top event makers and designers in the region, including the unique talents of Adam Afara.


Afara, probably best known for his floral sets in Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y explains his thoughts behind the very romantic yet modern look he presented.

“I was so honored last night to be included as a guest at the Variety’s Annual Pre-Oscar Party and to be part of the Décor Design for this spectacular gathering. To be among all of the wonderful guests that always give back and support their causes was a dream for me,” says Afara. “I’m so well-known for large displays and walls of flowers that I wanted to present a softer side to my designs and really bring intimacy to the moment.”

The floral displays were a mix of tropical flowers, mixed with English roses. Afara knew that he wanted to utilize warmer colors and chose soft whites and plums that wouldn’t distract from the celebrities but add depth to the room. “As a designer you want to bring beauty but not a distraction,” says Afara. “I’m pleased with the results.”

For more information about Adam Afara visit: http://www.eventsbyadamafara.com/