Phoenix, Arizona – December 12, 2016: A celebrity guest will be visiting and conducting a workshop on the17th of  December 2016. This celebrity guest had only one request. We the identity of this particular guest is kept as a closely guarded secret and is guaranteed to be a magical surprise for everyone. The special guest is a famous celebrity in the world of magic. Our young customers and students of Wacky Zacks Magic cannot wait to see the magician, and they don’t even know who it is.

Wacky Zacks Magic organizes the event happening on the 17th it will be a workshop. Most of the audience in attendance will be the young students & customers of Wacky Zacks Magic along with their parents and a few invited people. Wacky Zacks Magic has worked redefined the process of helping new magicians get started. We feel we are unparalleled with any of its competition! Our process and the customer services focusing on the highest of quality and service have given a new name to the word magic and entertainment.

“Amazing shop! Great selection, the kindest staff, stays fresh with a new product. Perfect choices for a professional down to beginners!” said Danny Horner. Danny is one of the many customers of this fantastic magic shop who only love the services of Wacky Zacks. There are several amazing testimonials on the website of Wacky Zacks Magic that are a testament to the faith and trust people have on the magic outlet.

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To become a real magician is not easy. Anyone things they can go online and learn what it takes. However, nothing has changed. You have to find the right guide to take you on the journey. Wacky Zacks Magic is a perfect place for the people of all ages. Children and adults alike, people young and old come to learn the magic all the time because magic is one of the most exciting things for the human mind. Other than magic, Wacky Zacks Magic also provide entertainment services such as face painting, balloon twisting, magic shows, juggling, clowns, caricaturists and much more.

The courses offered by Wacky Zacks Magic detailed with a focus on presentation and performance. Ranging from intro lessons to advanced courses, the shop acts as a university for magic, and many people come to learn it with passion. Also, the shop also has services of performing at parties and events along with a BRAND NEW online magic shop. The upcoming event of Wacky Zacks Magic and the special mystery celebrity guest is greatly appreciated. Not only do we appreciate the attention but, Joe is a huge fan himself!

For Further Information, Please visit www.wackyzacksmagic.com or call  480-208-7817