How to Choose the Right Wine Every Time

Those who yearn to learn about wines but fall painfully short will finally have a way to determine if the wine is appropriate.

How to Choose the Right Wine Every Time

The Vin and Wine App is a soon to be released Kickstarter project designed for those who are overwhelmed looking at a wine list or studying the selections at a wine store.  The app will provide the user a full list of appropriate wines based on a series of simple questions.  The app will then pull from its database a choice that will meet all of the criteria set by the user.

The wines selected will remain in the user’s app.  As the user adds additional wines and pairings, the app will create profiles based on previous selections, allowing users a chance to try something new, different or unique.

The app is also designed around creating the user into their personal sommelier, a specialist in wine and food pairings.

“We have tried to cover all of the bases in this app.  As many can imagine, it is a massive undertaking to create the database and write the necessary algorithms for this.  This is why we, the team, have turned to Kickstarter for help,” said Dany Gagnon, creator of The Vin and Wine App.

The page is not yet active as Gagnon, and his team is still working out the fine details.  Interested backers are invited to continue checking in as the page will be live soon.

“We promise some great gifts for those who help,” said Gagnon.

How to Choose the Right Wine Every Time

Among the importance of the app is allowing us to make our decision ourselves.

“He writes, people’s opinion are just their opinion, it doesn’t mean it’s worth sticking to, journalists and so called wine professionals have influenced our decision on making a wine purchase, they don’t even say the compositions and make the wine. The vin and wine App is guiding you to make the right decision by yourself, No third party needed.

The Vin and Wine App is live at kick starter here,


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