CollaBoard – Brainstorm, Collaborate, Create in Real Time

Take advantage of a real-time virtual workspace across all your devices

CollaBoard is IBV’s universal application for the whole Microsoft Surface Family including Surface Hub, Surface Studio, HoloLens and all the other Windows 10 devices (also available for Android and iOS). It allows teams to work together on the same board from different locations and devices, leveraging features such as inking, touch, and voice commands. Integrating a powerful search function, it lets you find files directly within the app, which can be pinned to the canvas to create immersive inspiration boards.

CollaBoard - Brainstorm, Collaborate, Create in Real Time

Collaborate with a team. Work as one.

Meetings are a new experience with CollaBoard: everybody can add their ideas and comments in real time while discussing on Skype for Business, and all the changes are tracked for full accountability. It’s the end of inactivity in meetings: all team members can immediately add their inputs, which are shown in real time across all devices. After the meeting, take the notes with you on your phone or tablet to work autonomously and seamlessly by adding your content and ideas into the board. No need to wait for updated document versions anymore.

Brainstorm like never before. Get the whole picture.


CollaBoard - Brainstorm, Collaborate, Create in Real Time

Together with your team, pick the most relevant documents, sticky-notes, images and audio files and drop them into CollaBoard for great brainstorming, scoping and design sessions. Impress your clients, improve collaboration, immerse yourself in a highly creative workspace: the possibilities are endless.

CollaBoard’s Natural User Interface (NUI) and its ease of use allow teams and customers‘ discussions to be more efficient. Going from working on static documents to living and breathing collaborative solution has never been easier.


CollaBoard Features

  • UWP real-time collaboration solution
  • Easy to use interface for maximum productivity
  • Seamless integration with Skype for Business
  • Add sticky notes
  • Take photos and record videos
  • Pin documents, images, videos, and audio files
  • Drag & Drop files from different sources into the board
  • Write and add notes with your digital pen
  • Organize your thoughts using grid libraries and templates
  • Submit your inputs by using voice commands
  • Manage multiple projects in your dashboard


As a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, CollaBoard can run on any Windows 10-powered device:

  • Mobile devices: Windows 10 Mobile
  • Desktop devices: Tablets, Laptops, PCs
  • Surface Hub and other team devices
  • HoloLens

IBV. Natural interactions. Cutting-edge Technology.

CollaBoard - Brainstorm, Collaborate, Create in Real Time

IBV is a Software Development and Consultancy firm based in Switzerland with a branch office in Germany. Founded in 1981, it specializes in developing business applications with the latest technologies, such as the HoloLens and the Surface Hub, as well as its ERP/CRM/DMS solution myCompany.

IBV develops state-of-the-art, customized solutions, and applications tailored to your business needs that work across all your devices using voice, inking and touch commands for natural interactions. With our 35 years of experience and the expertise of our lead developers, two of which are recipients of the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award, we are here to make your vision a reality. IBV. Welcome to the Modern Workspace.

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