Daylight Savings Time is here, which means it’s that time of year to alter schedules in hopes of maximizing all available sunlight for productivity. The CREE LED Headlamp by LuxoLite, an incomparably versatile and durable headlamp perfect for all outdoor and precision activities, is here to answer the call and complications that come with limited natural light for outdoor and DIY activities.

A safe and hands-free alternative to lanterns and flashlights, the CREE LED Headlamp makes any rugged activity, from mountain hiking to fishing at night, secure and possible. Designed to be lightweight, adjustable, and dimmable, the CREE LED Headlamp is catered to fit and accompany any individual on their busy and bold adventures.


“This headlamp is designed to complement all active people who don’t have the time to carry bulky lanterns with low battery life around,” said David Mertens, Managing Director at LuxoLite. “The sun setting shouldn’t be an automatic end to the day for everyone. The CREE LED headlamp is going to help maximize productivity while providing a safe alternative to carrying flashlights that so easily get lost or fall in the water.”


The CREE LED headlamp makes night running, jogging, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, biking, caving, backpacking, household work or on construction helmet, nighttime dog walking, reading and possible for everyday people. A resourceful addition to any limited-light activity, this durable product by LuxoLite is set to perform outstandingly this year.


LuxoLite, a premier based U.S. company, is including a lifetime warranty for the incredibly effective and durable CREE LED headlamp.

“The quality of these headlamps is of such a high caliber that they come with a 100% lifetime and satisfaction guarantee,” said Mertens. “This is a must-have item, whether a car breaks down or light is needed on a night jog, and it’s easy-to-use design makes it applicable even for kids. Check it out and make a commitment to increasing your daily productivity with the CREE LED headlamp.”

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