Create & Submit New Challenges Like Never Before Via Free “Challenge Me” App

Challenge Me app allows users to create and submit new challenges to their friends or family members. It also enables users to enjoy an excellent opportunity to earn money.

Life is about overcoming challenges successfully. Challenges make life engaging, fulfilling, and make one feel alive. Challenge Me; a free Android app brilliantly caters to this need of continuously facing new challenges to become a champion!

This not only enables Android users to create and submit random challenges using their imagination but also gives them an opportunity to earn a decent amount of money by winning paid tournaments via the app. Its aim is to encourage people to overcome their boredom and add a spark to their lives by creating, playing and winning random challenges.

Features of Challenge Me App

Challenge Me app is a fantastic app that will soon arrive with an iOS version too. Some of the striking features of the app that make it a favorite among its users are as follows.

  • Creating account is free and a hassle-free affair
  • Availability of a simple challenge game to play
  • Enables to connect with friends and loved ones
  • Helps in creating Challenge Me community
  • Allows easy creation of new tournaments including paid ones
  • Facilitates easy sharing of photos and videos of tournaments
  • Promotes addition of funds via PayPal to join or create paid tournaments
  • Justify tournaments to encourage friends to participate
  • Gives opportunity to earn money by winning paid tournaments
  • Offer VIP membership to receive 15% from the tournaments
  • Enables users to view the list of countries with most of the tournaments

Moreover, the app is sleek and occupies an insignificant memory space of 8.37M. Anybody can download the same from the Google Play Store by visiting With no need of any VIP membership to create random tournaments, users can give wings to their imagination.

They need to fill the desired fields, and the app will create tournament games within few seconds in the dedicated tournament section. Sending invitation to friends for participation via this app ensures that an adequate number of people accept the challenge and there will remain no room for boredom.

About the app owner

The entertainment app “Challenge Me” is a brainchild of a passionate and user-friendly community in challenge niche. They have a mission to help users find friends, enjoy the challenges of the gaming world and upload photos and videos of various games and tournaments. To know more about this app, please contact at