Cuisine Parfaite Announces Exciting Launch of Premium Bottle and Jar Opener Set Perfect for Seniors and People With Arthritis

Not being able to open a bottle or jar due to lack of hand strength can be an enormous frustration.  Cuisine Parfaite are here to help, recently announcing the launch of their new Cuisine Parfait Bottle and Jar Opener set which can help open jars and bottles of nearly any size with comfort and ease.  Customers have rejoiced at the news.

One of the unfortunate facts of life is that as many people get older or develop certain health issues, their grip strength can diminish significantly.  This makes some of the most common tasks – like opening jars and bottles – quite painful and arduous.  The good news is, help is available if a person knows where to look.  Enter kitchenware brand Cuisine Parfaite, who recently announced the release of their remarkable new product that addresses this problem directly, the Cuisine Parfaite Bottle and Jar Opener Set.  The new combination can opener, and jar opener allows jars, cans, and bottles to be opened quickly and easily, pain-free.

“We saw how large the demand was for quality, affordable jar openers for seniors and knew we could meet that need in a very functional and elegant way,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “After lots of research and development our Cuisine Parfaite Bottle and Jar Opener was born and we are confident it is going to impress really. It’s our pleasure to do what we can to help people be as self-reliant as possible in their kitchens and homes.”

According to Cuisine Parfaite, the set of two openers covers nearly every size can, tin, bottle, and a jar that are commonly found in kitchens and homes.  The kitchen tools feature an ergonomic design that’s easy on the hands and very comfortable to use, with an emphasis on safety and durability.  Cuisine Parfaite is also triumphal to offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee on every product sold.

Early feedback from shoppers has been very positive for the new bottle and jar opener for seniors.

Amazon Customer recently said in a five-star review, “My mom’s grip isn’t what it used to be, and I know it bothers her.  I did some hunting for a bottle, and jar opener for seniors online and the Cuisine Parfaite Bottle and Jar Opener set caught my eye.  My mom loves it and uses it every day.  Thoroughly recommended.”

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