Debbie Potts Reveals Her Life Transformation Program in ‘Life Is Not a Race… It Is a Journey’ with The WHOLESTIC Method

Bellevue, WA, and (December 10, 2016) – Everyone knows it, but few are ready to admit. Life was never intended to be a race, nor is always being busy a golden rule to live by. Debbie Potts, fitness trainer, health coach and triathlete, has now brought it all out in her forthcoming personal story as an example to learn why- ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEY’.   Debbie uses her life and personal experience as an example what happens when you don’t pace the whole you from the inside out- and when you continue to ignore your body’s constant red flags warning you to slow down your pace in daily life.

From being a successful triathlete and a small business owner for years- Debbie felt that she woke up day feeling suddenly fatigued, overweight and depressed for unknown reasons.  Debbie has experienced the downside of racing through each day as it is a race in itself.  The body has its innate intelligence to find homeostasis, but if we continue to ignore the signals of accumulative stress, then we pay the price- from the inside out.  You can be fit but also be unhealthy!    Debbie speaks about our need to all slow down, be present and be at the moment as our chronic busyness and multi-tasking habits are becoming an epidemic with electronics and over scheduled commitments.

In the book, Debbie explains her journey and defines adrenal dysfunction to readers to help them start paying attention to their personal red flags of doing too much in life.  Through years of dealing with constant unexplained fatigue, a domino effect of internal health problems and weight struggles, Debbie was forced to adjust her life philosophy, such as ‘more is better,’ addiction to busyness and always speeding through daily life to recover from her symptoms.  All of this and more is recounted in her personal story ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEY’ to help readers connect with the epidemic of chronic stress and our addiction to busyness – and adrenal fatigue. The life experience Debbie shares in ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE’ re-ignited her whole self from within, and observations on social norms that cause more harm than good.  Learn more on

Debbie Potts in on a mission to help inspire others to avoid getting caught up in the addiction to busyness as well as avoiding Adrenal Fatigue that she has been battling for four years.  We all have a tipping point in how much stress we can tolerate, and Debbie helps identify common red flags, as well as her personal stressors, that accumulated over time to end up creating havoc in her body systems- some call it Adrenal Fatigue or Exhaustion- or HPA Dysregulation.  Debbie used her personal story as an example to impact others to stop and assess their pace in daily life- ‘Pace the WHOLE You with The WHOLISTIC Method.’

To follow up with the theme- ‘Pace the WHOLE you with The WHOLISTIC Method,’ Debbie created “The Wholistic Method Manual & Workbook” to help transform client’s lives, as well as herself, by training individuals of all levels from inside out with the eight elements of The WHOLISTIC Method.  The WHOLISTIC Method Manual and Workbook is designed to help everyone transform the whole person from the inside out. At the physical, psychological and physiological level, it helps athletes of all levels activate their fat burning capacity, optimizing health and improving peak performance in their sports as well as daily life.

The WHOLISTIC Method’s eight elements are based on what Debbie has discovered over her 25 plus years of experience and education in the fitness industry, as a competitive endurance athlete and also from the many experts she has interviewed on her ‘The WHOLE Athlete’ podcast.  From living life as a race, Debbie has created a comprehensive transformational program called “The WHOLISTIC Method” which is detailed in the ‘WHOLESTIC Method Manual,’ with chapters devoted to each of the elements ranging from nutrition, exercise and sleep to digestion, gut health & hormones, hydration, and happiness.

As part of The WHOLISTIC Method Manual and coaching program, Debbie Potts also guides her clients with personalized roadmaps to aid in the transformational process and guiding them to their wanted behavior changes- after discovering their “WHY.” She helps those who struggle to lose weight, increase energy, and improve athletic performance with a three-phase WHOLE program. The phase one program is the intensive ‘5-Day Jumpstart Challenge’ shows how anyone can make their body a fat burning machine, while Phase two comprises the more detailed ’21-Day Sugar Detox and Reset Challenge’.  More on

Praise for Debbie’s new approach to regaining health and fitness continues to pour in. “I have lost 5 pounds very slowly. I cannot say enough good things about the 21-Day Sugar Detox & Reset Challenge,” says Bob. “If you are looking to get to the right place as it relates to diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to lead towards a healthier and happier outlook, I strongly recommend you take 5-Day and the 21-Day Challenge,” says Mark.

‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEY’ will be available on Amazon on November 29, 2016.

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