Der Biergarten Beats the Heat with First Servings of Frozen Beer in Sacramento

The famed Japanese frozen beer is now available at Sacramento’s very own German beer garden.

Sacramento, 6/26/2016: After wowing beer lovers from Tokyo to Toronto, the taste of the frozen beer has now spilled over into Sacramento. Just when the temperatures are hitting a hundred, the frost full beer is on the top of the menu at Der Biergarten, the urban take on traditional German beer gardens.

The frozen beer has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity in Japan and elsewhere since its introduction in 2010. Contrary to popular belief, the beer is not entirely frozen but topped with a frosty swirl of booze which caps and insulates the beer body. The frozen topping locks in carbon dioxide to keep the drink chilled to the bottom for over 45 minutes. The softie like appearance is pleasing to the eyes, and the beer remains cold till the last sip, making it a refreshing drink in hot summers. The beer is pure and contains zero additives, with a range of topping options, from craft to traditional beer.

Der Biergarten has now brought this bar delight to Sacramento with specialized spiral technology, which is the finest way to freeze alcohol. As the place with the most German beers on draft in Norcal, the beer garden offers a completely outdoor venue offering 32 beers on draft with light German fare.

We waited for the mercury to hit the hundred degrees mark, and rolled out the first servings of frozen beer in Sacramento. On a simmering afternoon or evening, this will be a pure delight for beer lovers of all ages. It can be had as a top up or your main menu,” said Sean Duffield, owner, Der Biergarten.

Der Biergarten offers Sacramento the purest experience of a German beer garden, with shade, misters, and now frozen beer. It serves all German staples famous in Europe in half and full liter steins, along with American beer garden food in a communal seating atmosphere. The place for all things German, it celebrates the Oktoberfest, Fasching, Bock Beer Fest and other events throughout the year.

About Der Biergarten

Der Biergarten is Sacramento’s spot to come and socialize over some great German beer and light German fare. The Midtown Sacramento beer lover’s place is a twist on the traditional German beer garden. As a 100% outdoor venue specializes in light German fare and 32 beers on draft. It also specializes in German and craft beers.

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