Digital Earthquake Released Drumpf Jump as the First Satirical Game about a Certain Republican Presidential Candidate

Digital Earthquake has released Drumpf Jump as the first satirical game about an individual 2016 Republican Presidential candidate.

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of people about this challenging game launched on June 29, 2016, on the Appstore that requires one player as the presidential candidate, Donald J. Drumpf.

Such a challenging game, one must go through the various obstacles and must make it until the end of all the levels. The fun and level of excitement are also brought forth to each player with the latest creation and live update on Twitter.

As people keep an eye on the company for the future, they will enjoy it having some crazy promotions, such as giving away electronics and apparel. As per the introduction of this product, it is the result of their passion and creativity that takes video gaming to the next level.


Digital Earthquake is continuously developing on Indie games that even other significant aspects are combined along with innovation as the ultimate ingredient. They still get focused on gaming applications, mobile games and other developed based games that bring satisfaction to players. In the years to come, they are still planning on devising and creating games for consoles and PCs.

Through the expertise and knowledge of the team, Drumpf Jump has received attention including graphics and storytelling that help make it real. Such a techie firm that relies on international gaming aspirations, they are still considering the needs and wants of gamers.

By keeping updated with the in’s and out’s of Digital Earthquake, it is just easier getting access to the available video games, gaming apps and mobile games. The latest media, promotions and news add up to the success story of the company. In knowing more about the company and its recently released project, messaging them for further inquiries is a good idea.

It’s expected that more gamers will be interested in the satirical game, Donald Drumpf, giving them an opportunity to enjoy its challenges.


If you are interested to know more about the company, feel free to visit this website