DM Pilot Announces the Launch of its Automated Direct Messaging Application

This Web-Based Application will Provide its Users with Powerful Messaging Capabilities

LONDON, July 9, 2016 — It is evident how Twitter is quickly becoming the most popular social networking site in existence as the platform now has over 300 million registered users, which equates to around 3.8 percent of the people on the Internet. If leveraged correctly, this statistic can lead to Twitter having a significant impact on businesses,  and it can be used as a highly effective social selling tool for goods, skills, and other services. However, achieving such goals can be a daunting task for some users, especially when they do not care about building up good relationships with their followers.

With a burning desire to help dispel these concerns, DM Pilot with its great team of expertise meticulously designed an automated direct messaging web-based application, which will send automated direct messages.

“Twitter is an excellent way to discover new people who have similar interests to you and your brand,” stated Lewis Crutch, co-founder of DM Pilot. “To allow brands and business to engage easy with their continually expanding following, we have designed our direct messaging app to allow you to send automated welcome messages, also known as DMs to new followers along with the ability to send automated follow-up DMs.”

Lewis provides highlights of some features of the automated direct messaging application:

   Fast and easy initial setup: Literally within minutes of opening your DM Pilot account you’ll have your automated welcome DM set up. It’s just a case of pressing on, writing the content of your DM and hitting save.

   Automated follow-up DMs: DM Pilot is not just about automating your welcome DM. You can also schedule 3 additional automated follow-up DMs to be sent at any set intervals after someone follows you.

   Unlimited Twitter accounts: Upgrade to a paid DM Pilot account and use your account on as many Twitter profiles as you want without having to log in and out.

   View recently sent DMS: Get a clear overview of who has received what. The Recently Sent page will show you which followers have received which automated DM.

“Twitter messaging is a perfect combination of email and SMS message. Messages have a low cost just like email messages and it is hard to miss them since they can be viewed both through email and Twitter making it a better option for business professionals”, Lewis concluded.

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Lewis Crutch

Co-founder of DM Pilot


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