Don’t End Up Being Only a Number, Be Visible At All Times

CHESTER, NEW JERSEY, MARCH 18, 2016 – Car crashes and accidents can be a big problem, especially because it’s never something expected, people don’t think about it until right before the moment it happens. The best way to avert a car crash or an accident is to be well prepared, which means ensuring that the car being driven is in perfect condition and plus the driver always keeps an eye on the road while driving. This is only ensured by making sure that regular maintenance is performed on the car, such as oil changes and tire rotations, to avoid car trouble, sometimes auto problems can’t be avoided.

More than 2.35 million people are injured during a car accident in the US alone, according to a report issued by the NHSTA in 2014 around thirty two thousand people died in a motor vehicle related crash. Similarly the same report mentions that both pedestrians and cyclists alike were affected, rather the total deaths associated with cyclists is around 726, compared to the number of pedestrians the nation lost, which is approximately around five thousand in 2011 alone a pedestrian was killed every eight hours on the road and injured after every eight minutes in a car crash – the difference may be staggering but hits at a common problem. But for that we need to look into the segmentation, for instance if we only focus on injuries, it’s fair to say that the consequences of said injuries can vary, there is something quite scary, being in the middle of nowhere or stranded on the side of the road with no light. One simple tool can help tremendously here: a viable headlamp which helps in making a passerby or a pedestrian on foot visible while on the road to a vehicle which is passing by.

Another statistic shows that approximately a 40% of deathly car accidents happen at night, in this scenario having a headlamp around can be useful to inspect the car for damage and perhaps even change a tire. Use the headlamp to signal a driver to stop for help. Being stuck with no visibility can be very worrisome and stressful but it can be possible to take off walking to look for help with the illumination of the headlamp.

In actuality and from statistics mentioned above it can be deduced that it does indeed pay to have a headlamp around. LuxoLite, a company based in New Jersey has taken extra care to craft a durable, reliable headlamp that can be carried inside the car and used at a moment’s notice. Offering an adjustable beam, dimmable lights, and a red flashlight for night vision, the headlamp acts as an all-in-one lantern for all situations. The lamps are even waterproof, which means that visibility is possible in all types of weather conditions.

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