Earn Resume Credentials Using testmettle

testmettle is an easy way for college students to boost their resumes, earn scholarships, and letters of recommendation.

Starting a career with that ideal job in mind is getting much harder for college grads. There’s a high demand for specific skills, and an experience-filled resume plays a vital role in landing that first job after college.


More millennials are graduating without jobs lined up, and there is a fair amount of recent grads that go months without finding adequate employment to start paying off their student loans.

Starting off with a desirable job and salary isn’t just good for financial stability; it sets the foundation for career advancement. Job search success is possible if a little extra time is taken developing a portfolio to showcase problem-solving skills.

testmettle Student Solutions

testmettle is an online consulting platform that is helping college students add a list of professional accomplishments to their resumes. testmettle even gives students the opportunity to earn scholarships and letters of recommendation.

How Does it Work

testmettle works in three simple steps:

  1. Getting started

First off, students sign up for an account on testmettle.com. Once signed up, they’ll have access to a list of small businesses clients. After browsing the listings, they can read their potential customers’ inquiries, and do some research.

  1. Proposing a Plan

Most business students know about SMART.

This is testmettle’s preferred framework for proposing solutions to small businesses. It allows for clear and concise guidelines for business clients, and it helps keep things uniform for business owners to quickly read through.

If anyone is not familiar with SMART, here’s a crash-course:

S – Specific

  • Clearly, define a single objective to pursue and achieve.

M – Measurable:

  • Make sure to include key performance indicators (KPI’s) so clients know how to track their success.

A – Assignable

  • This allows small business customers to know to whom each task should be assigned to. This could be their employees, third party services, etc.

R – Realistic

  • Being realistic is often overlooked. Are this client’s goals achievable using their available resources? This is a great place to include a break-down of budget and expenses.

T – Time-based

  • Giving clients a detailed time-line as to when they should implement each of the steps listed in a proposal is one of the most helpful parts of any consultation. Don’t forget this step!

This is an excellent way to deliver a professional and useful business document. Example proposals are available on testmettle’s how it works page if inspiration is needed.

  1. Get Results

Adding an entire portfolio of successful consulting projects to a resume and showing future employers the capability to solve a variety of unique, real-world business problems is an absolute must now a day.

The current trend for hiring managers is to factor-in work-experience much more than in previous years. For those graduating seniors looking for a job, they’ve probably gotten that oh-so-dreaded email with the subject of: “We’re sorry to inform you but we have decided to pursue more experienced candidates.”

“Doing everything possible to ensure you have a resume filled with internships, lots of letters of recommendation, and a variety of projects is essential in making the most of your job search. Make sure to keep those grades up too!” says James Effarah, Co-Founder of testmettle LLC and recent graduate of Boise State University.

Scholarships and Letters of Recommendation

Students with top proposals earn points towards scholarships that are awarded at the end of each semester. Top projects also receive letters of recommendation from testmettle’s writing staff, highlighting their unique achievements. testmettle also negotiates with each senior student’s business clients to send their letters of recommendation.

“Asking for a letter of recommendation can be a nerve-wracking experience for a lot of college students. It’s a hassle to track down all those people to write your letters of recommendation; let us do that for you,” Mr. Effarah says.

If students don’t rank as a top proposal, they don’t need to worry much! They can submit as many suggestions as they’d like. testmettle will also include a list of top projects every month and feature them in the testmettle newsletter and social media newsfeeds to give other students some examples and inspiration.

testmettle is an excellent opportunity to build a resume. The corporate world is highly competitive, and it is essential to have a resume that offers a competitive edge over other candidates. With testmettle, students are not only adding credentials to their resume; but they are also refining their skills in real-life situations, preparing them for employment.


James Effarah, Co-Founder @ testmettle LLC
+1(805) 217-6069.