Eau Inferno Entertainment Group Fires Up the Scene

A new entertainment agency prepares the stage for local artists of every caliber and genre.

Searvaxter “Charles” Gardner Jr. (owner), and Leesa Gardner (CEO) have lived the life of the undervalued starving artist. It became the drive behind creating an agency that has respect for unknown artists and gives them proper representation. They have teamed up with entertainment representative Lomont Hudson. He is a military veteran and private airplane pilot, who is excited about this new venture.

Eau Inferno Entertainment Group is fully licensed, bonded, and insured with the state of Nevada. They are working around the clock to produce top-notch local talent. “When you take something and polish it up people are going to want it,” said Charles.

The Eau Inferno Management team are assembling a bank of talent who have passion and potential as their foundation. The entertainer’s profiles are being viewed by venues, event managers, and coordinators all over Clark County. It is free to join. The artists then have the option to increase their marketability by obtaining a consultation from the Eau Inferno management team.

Eau Inferno has just launched locally and will eventually expand worldwide. The vision is clear, and the devotion is strong in this family owned and operated company.

So artists, seize this opportunity to jump start or propel your career to the next level.

Visit www.eauinferno.com and sign up today.