Eloise: The Secret Behind The Mask by L. Vucetich

This book has already been translated into English and now it is ready for being read by foreign readers, or rather, by those who speak and understand English. I am discussing Eloise: The Secret Behind The Mask,  the novel written by the young and talented Italian author L. Vucetich. Eloise is a fictional work included in the fantasy genre, in this case, a mixture of horror and urban fantasy. But Eloise is also the name of the main character of the book. Who is she?

Eloise is a prostitute who always wears dark clothes and high heeled boots. She is also a sweet girl who ruined her life to chasing the wrong man. Now, she lives on the edge of the streets, by making love with strangers for money and give all revenues to her pimp Mark. Eloise is also the beginning of a compelling series that this Italian author wants to offer to all the world, just as a day J K Rowling did by writing Harry Potter. The author has indeed read horror and fantasy books during her school career, but the books that most of all conquered her soul were the one of the Harry Potter series.


Eleonora, this is the correct name of the author, was born in Milan in 1992 and works as a dog trainer, because she loves pets as much as they adore writing books. Indeed, animals have an important role in this literary work. The novel Eloise, subtitled The Secret Behind The Mask,  is the first book of a series the author wants to continue writing. Seasoned with unexpected and gripping emotions, this story is also capable of dragging readers into a dark and gloomy world, made of secret revelations, scary woods and a charming masked man: Lukas. He is the man Eloise meets during her work as a prostitute, Lukas wears a balaclava and drives a dark luxury car.

He is the man who can save Eloise from self-destruction, but it is also strange being maybe coming from a dark world where the borders between dream and reality are carefully merged and hard to disentangle. From this moment, along with mysterious Lukas, Eloise will be overwhelmed by a wicked world made of sorcery, mystery and dark forces to defeat at any cost.

Lukas is the ‘Revelation’ for Eloise, but also the entire book will be an enjoyable and divine revelation for all readers. With a perfect style of writing and a likewise excellent translation into English done by Patricia Keiller, the debut fantasy novel by L. Vucetich is ready to challenge other masterpieces of the global literature and gain an honoured place in the international bookshelves.

On the official author’s website, you can also see a fantastic book trailer about Eloise. Here is the video:

The video is subtitled in Italian (below you’ll find the subtitles translated into English).

When I left my home, my life turned into a hell… I believed in the wrong man… My life was on the street, with a short skirt and high heels, until when Lukas arrived, I was scared, intrigued and attracted by that masked man… The love for a stranger dragged me into a magic world. I forgot rationality to embrace fantasy; I had to admit that something else existed… Eloise, behind the mask, the Revelation.

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