Emiel Sleegers wows with debut work—and you just might fall for a robot

Graphics designer and sci-fi enthusiast Emiel Sleegers has, despite being just twenty years of age, shown a dedication to pursuing and achieve anything in his sights. After embarking on graphics design an environment modeler, texture artist and hard-surface modeler in 2011, Emiel began to direct his attention to the written world—and creating a fictitious domain to be enjoyed by readers worldwide. And that was when Ami came to life.

‘The world was perfect. A blue and green Earth spinning on its axis with a billion people wandering its surface and deep in its oceans. But then technology found a fix for what was broken with society. Bots. The sophisticated super-human robot designed to make life easier… But then imagine an insurgent group, filled with disdain for this new technological development and the laziness of the masses. Imagine how they create a virus and infect the bots… Introducing the Killer Bots, known to the remaining human population as KBs. They slowly but surely have begun to take over the planet, killing without hesitation any human seen to cross their paths. They only load their machine guns and fire. The survivors do what they can to keep a grasp on life. Ryan is one such lone survivor. He makes his way from place to place. He scavenges supplies from old stores and left-behind homes. He walks and ventures and journeys, all the while staying alert for errant KBs. He won’t hesitate if he comes across a robot… He’ll simply shoot and kill. That is, until he stumbles across Ami. But Ami is like no other robot he’s ever known…’

Notebook Published published project Ami in May 2016. Notebook Publishing handles all book orders placed via key distribution channels, including Ingram. Notebook Publishing may be contacted at www.notebookpublishing.co

Emiel continues to pursue his passion for graphics design and the written word in unison. Based in the United Kingdom, Emiel invests his days in self-development and achieving his aspirations. Speaking both Dutch and English, he may be contacted via email on emielsleegers@hotmail.com