Emma has a Dilemma! by Dana Wall & Amber Wall; Illustrations By Philip Orozco

Emma Has A Dilemma! Makes learning fun. The Emma Series was created specifically to take a subject like grammar and make the ins and outs of learning it something to look forward to; rather than something to avoid.

Emma has a Dilemma! by Dana Wall & Amber Wall; Illustrations By Philip Orozco

Although, the lessons are somewhat sophisticated, the writing and illustration with vibrant characters make it understandable for Children 4-8 years old. The repetition of reading the book will eventually have young children knowing grammar.

The characters are by far the best part of the book. Emma is an eight-year-old tomboy who doesn’t like school, but she’s always willing to listen to the whimsical Wizard Jake.  Wizard Jake is precious with his lined note paper cape, pencil with an A on the top wand, and a dunce cap with a place to write letters.

They meet when Emma get an F on her first natural grammar exam about nouns and pronouns and as she is crying Wizard Jake appears to encourage her that this is an opportunity to learn nouns and pronouns.

Jake is a genius at grammar and exactly what Emma needs to overcome her situation which could lead not only to detention but disappointment from her parents. She listens to Jake, and he uses his beautiful wand to create chalkboards in the sand for her to learn the difference between a noun and a pronoun. Emma finally figures out what she needs to do for her makeup exam so that the F won’t go on her permanent record.

And only with hard work, dedication, and a fantastic tutor, Emma can overcome her dilemma and turn that F into an A like the one on Wizard Jake’s wand. Although Emma can be cynical, Wizard Jake is upbeat and believes in her.

Emma has a Dilemma! by Dana Wall & Amber Wall; Illustrations By Philip Orozco

The general tone of the book is upbeat even though Emma can be stubborn. And eventually, during the Emma Series (a total of 4 books) Emma and Wizard Jake form a remarkable friendship where two people from entirely different worlds come together.

Emma Has A Dilemma! is unique because it takes something difficult like grammar and simplifies it in lyrical rhymes. And Wizard Jake and Emma are two vibrant and individual allies.

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Emma and Jake come together from two different worlds but form an unbreakable bond.

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