Ex-St. Louis Rams Fan calls out Roger Goodell

Washington, DC – August 8, 2016, Fuelled by the abrupt departure of the St. Louis Rams and Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) trying to bully North Carolina over their bathroom law (House Bill 2), an ex-St. Louis Rams fan launched a weekly column called Faith, Family & NFL Football.

In this disgruntled football fan’s weekly column, Kymo Dockett will educate NFL football fans on how NFL owners are helping to bankrupt America. Mr. Dockett points out that the NFL left behind a stadium saddled with about $144 million in debt plus maintenance costs in St. Louis when the Rams moved to Los Angeles. While L.A. enjoys their new football team, taxpayers are left to pay off an empty football stadium in St. Louis at the cost of about $20 million each year until 2021. Mr. Dockett will be encouraging the NFL to set up a program to aid cities with football stadiums facing foreclosure.


When asked about his plan to confront Roger Goodell about the economic mess that the NFL left behind in St. Louis, Mr. Dockett had this to say: “Someone needs to speak out against what the NFL is currently doing to cities like St. Louis. St. Louis could not afford their current stadium; it did not make sense for the NFL to try to coax St. Louis into building a new one. Many people are becoming disinterested in helping billionaires like Stan Kroenke become a trillionaire, while cities like St. Louis can barely pay school teachers and cops.” Mr. Dockett also points out that this same scenario is playing out in cities like Oakland, San Diego, and Buffalo, as NFL owners push taxpayers to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on football stadiums that they cannot afford to build.

In addition to confronting Roger Goodell about the NFL’s questionable business practices, in his weekly column, Mr. Dockett will offer practical reasons why the NFL should not be supporting mixed-sex bathrooms and bypassing particular cities from hosting the Super Bowl because the NFL feels that cities like North Carolina discriminated against gays. Understanding his views about homosexuality are extremely controversial, this traditional family advocate had this to say when asked about initiating a conversation about homosexuality with the NFL: “some fans do not want to show up at an NFL game one day and see a man go into a women’s bathroom.”

Faith, Family & NFL Football will officially launch in Week 1 of the NFL season on TheLoveOutreach.com. The weekly column will raise a bunch of eyebrows as it divulges some shocking truths about how the NFL does business.

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