Fantasy sports betting redefined with new punting app Puntr

New fantasy sports betting app Puntr just launched assuring an incredible guarantee of $100,000 minimum weekly jackpot. The app caters to all the major European and American sports tournaments.

Good news for fantasy sports bettors looking for something new this summer. A new fantasy sport betting app Puntr has just launched with the whooping guarantee of $100,000 minimum weekly jackpot. Fantasy sports gaming just got little cooler!

The app is completely free to play and compete.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new fantasy sports app Puntr that will make your betting sprints more exciting, entertaining and profitable. With the guaranteed weekly jackpot worth $100,000 minimum, our app meant for the ardent gamers who love to win big time. It’s officially released last Monday, just in time for the Premier Leagues to start come Friday”, stated Norman Kremer, the man behind is the first company ever that allows the fantasy sports bettors to get into a bet by watching or filling a survey/advert. The advertising would pay all the money &  redistribute to its users. The website does not accept any deposit from the punters.

The app caters to fans of both UK and American sports where the punters can bet on all the traditional European football leagues and American sports tournaments.

“Whether you are a hardcore Premier League fan or swear by Bundesliga or feel at home with NBA or always enthusiastic about NFL, Puntr is the app for you. Developed by seasoned developer Alex Cardo, the application assures a friendly competition in between punters and we even allow you to share the rankings within your social media networks- as well as your local area & country. This way, we are looking forward to inspiring users to get involved in sports they don’t usually follow and enjoy the incredible pleasures of fantasy sports betting conveniently.”

Big fantasy sports fans themselves, Norman Kremer and his co-founder and lifelong friend, Fethi Erimcag, had been struggling to squeeze out time for their favorite gaming spree given their packed lifestyles. They longed to create a game for fans like them that would be readily available to both hardcore and casual players while keeping competition alive and thus and Puntr were born.

“We have tried to reduce the barriers to entering into fantasy football by enabling the interested punters to join at any stage of any league. Players would rate on a moving average % of their correct bets, and it would take no more than 2 minutes to make their choices. Our breezy swiping mechanism is meant to make picking easier and fun. You can take part in as many leagues you wish to and the more you swipe, the better your chances of winning. The fact that we use ratio rather than absolute score points makes it convenient for users to compete with one another quickly even when one has missed out on a week or started mid season”, Kremer added.


To win the ongoing weekly jackpot, the punter would have to make correct predictions of two leagues of the same week.

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Media Contact:  Norman Kremer
name: Norman Kremer