FitMate Social App Brings Fitness Enthusiasts and Gurus Together Based on Shared Activities

Find a fitness partner for any activity or fitness level and discover expert-written fitness guides  

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for like-minded people to participate in activities with, FitMate Social provides an interactive platform to explore others in your vicinity that enjoy the same activities you do and connect with professional fitness instructors. From golfing and tennis to marathon training or walking, FitMate Social’s Friend Finder locates people near you based on shared fitness, sport, and outdoor activities.

I started FitMate Social because I always like staying active. Throughout my career, I moved several times and with each move came the same slow process of meeting people that shared my fitness interests whether cycling, hiking, golf or running. I found it shocking there wasn’t an app that would quickly connect me with people nearby so I could have someone to do these activities nor was there a centralized place I could get information on all facets of my fitness lifestyle. I believe active is an important part of a healthy and productive lifestyle and having a fitness partner is the best way to stay motivated. That’s why I quit my job to pursue building this for us, you, your family and people who love this lifestyle. We are proud to say it’s finally a reality. We can’t do it without you, though. We need your feedback, we need your suggestions, we need your help to make this the best it can be.

-Luke McKey


For everyday fitness lovers, FitMate Social allows you to follow sport, fitness and nutrition personalities and receive updates straight to your phone. Whether it’s a favorite instructor or your personal trainer, you can receive exclusive workouts, diet tips and more directly from fitness personalities like trainer Wes Okerson, WWF Wrestler Nick ‘Magnus’ Aldis, Ninja Warrior Sam Sann, Stuntgirl Audrey Lazzara, Crossfit trainer Allyson Vastano, MMA trainer Brittney Leeb.

FitMate Social is not only for fitness enthusiasts. Instructors and gurus will find value in the platform’s ability to host workouts and fitness materials and provide them directly to their clients. Also, instructors can sell their premium workouts directly through the app.

Studies show that working out in a group is more motivating, holds people accountable and results in better fitness achievements. However, it can be difficult to find others interested in your specific workout activity that also meet your daily schedule. In a time where people are constantly on the move and their daily workouts could change in an instant, FitMate Social’s GPS capabilities can quickly locate those nearest you so you’ll never be without a workout buddy again.

Connecting those interested in fitness with high-end content and direct access to some of the most well-known fitness instructors and gurus in the industry, FitMate Social provides a roadmap to a happier and healthier lifestyle. FitMate Social is currently available for Apple iPhone and is coming soon to Android:

About FitMate Social

With Fitmate Social, you can find people near you that do the same thing you do. Looking for a golfing buddy while on a business trip? How about someone to train for the upcoming IronMan, or a couple to play tennis matches with? Select what you do and FitMate provides you with a selection of events to choose from! FitMate isn’t a dating app; it’s an app – it’s an app that lets you find a workout partner anywhere, for any activity.