Fitness / female empowerment web-series “CALI-LOVE” debuts on streaming media platform Lookhu

Los Angeles, CA September 28th, 2016 – With the growing social media following of TrishtheIsh, Trish Ignacio, a personal trainer based in Los Angeles, is utilising her numerous platforms to showcase Women Empowerment through her Cali Love Web Series, launching on YouTube and Look. Through the series, Trish will take ladies, well known on social media and put them through an intense workout, all while filming in some of the most beautiful and remote spots of Los Angeles. She’s collaborated with fabulous ladies such as My Nguyen, Kieara Leshae and Diddy LA.

The goal of the series, however, is not just connecting with these women through fitness, but also sitting down and stripping the perception that perfection is desirable. It’s the insecurities and flaws that make these women unique, robust and confident to tackle the everyday struggles that we as women face not only within our society but ourselves.


The Cali Love Series aims to influence women to embrace their flaws and strengths, mentally and physically, motivating them to go out and be their boss ladies.

Byron Booker said, “There are a ton of fitness content on the web today, much of which is done in the same format, but the creator and celebrity personal trainer Trish has a fresh take on physical fitness that highlights the inner and outer strength.” Trish and her roster of social media influencers can connect to a core audience of young, health conscious and active millennials.

Creator Trish Ignacio said, “Byron Booker and the Lookhu team have believed in the mission of Cali-Love (CL) from the very beginning. The CL team is profoundly grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from the fans of the show, which made today’s announcement possible.

Executive Producer Roy Liebrecht said, “I knew ‘Lipstick’ was going to be something special from the first concept meeting I had with Steven. The fans support for the show has been the driving force of its success and the Lipstick team can’t wait to bring them another season full.”


Trish Ignacio, “TrishTheIsh”  is a Filipino-American Personal Trainer & Influencer. Her love for fitness and the desire to empower women is what #Caliloveseries is all about. The series features top women in various industries in all different walks of life (mothers, wives, entrepreneurs) with the goals of making them relatable to the average women. The two-part segment begins with an intimate interview where the influencers are sharing their insecurities, their struggles and victories as women. Tying it all in with fitness (workouts/ nutrition) Trish takes them through a kick ass but fun workout. In short, #Caliloveseries is a celebration of womanhood and a great example that ALL women are one.


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