French Visual Artist Eva Ostrowska Marries Herself in Symbolic Ceremony

After discovering her fiance’s adultery, Ostrowska called off her wedding and married herself

JULY 28, 2016 – French visual artist Eva Ostrowska, also known as OSTROV, recently married herself in a symbolic ceremony that took place in Lourdes.

Just three months ahead of her wedding, Ostrowska discovered that her fiance was cheating on her. She called off the wedding, went through a period of depression, and then decided she could do something about the circumstances. She decided to marry herself.

Ostrowska transformed a terrible situation into something holistic, funny, and happy. She wore her wedding dress and escarpins shoes and took a train from Paris to Lourdes. “I didn’t give notice about my project,” said Ostrowska. “I wanted an intimate solo wedding. I booked a single hotel room in a hotel called The Marial Hotel in Lourdes.”

The day before her wedding, Ostrowska did a bachelorette party by herself. She enjoyed a glass of red wine, music, and a YouTube chippendale show. On July 16, 2016, her original wedding date, Ostrowska worked with the local wedding photographer she’d previously booked, and she put her actual engagement ring on her finger.

“I married myself in front of the Lourdes Grotte among prayers and tourists,” said Ostrowska. She threw grains over herself as per the tradition, and she threw a floral bouquet. She received blessings from tourists, and a nun told Ostrowska that she would pray for her at church.

“I tried to move all the sadness I felt into something fun and happy,” said Ostrowska. “I hope that other women and men who’ve experienced the same thing can relate to this work and feel a bit better,” Ostrowska says it was the best day of her life.

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About Eva Ostrowska

Eva Ostrowska, also known as OSTROV, is a French visual artist who has lived and worked around the world. She currently resides in Paris.


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