Fresh Kymm’s ‘Why You Mad?’ To Receive Airplay Next Week

Fresh Kymm, a rising indie hip hop artist hailing from Oakland, California, will be releasing his new single for airplay next week. ‘Why You Mad?’ debuted last month to praise online, clocking in thousands of views on YouTube with its superbly shot music video. Fresh Kymm has been described as “quintessentially West Coast Rap music with a smooth appeal and melodic delivery.”

‘Why You Mad?’ is an anthem of individuality, something Fresh Kymm has always been the champion of in his music and endeavors. Kymm’s living his dreams, but he doesn’t represent himself in the braggadocious style of other hip hop artists in the scene. Rather, Kymm is utilizing ‘Why You Mad?’ to make a statement to his fans: you can do it, too. (But you have to be careful with who you make your bed with along the way, Kymm cautions as he warns listeners of empty contracts and deception in the industry.)

The video that debuted last month for ‘Why You Mad?’ included a launch event attended by a hundred fans eager to get a first look at the James Calhoun directed effort. Calhoun, famous for his work with Tupac Shakur, Mario Van Peebles, and others, directed and shot the video under the umbrella of ElevenFour Productions.

‘Why You Mad?’ alludes to an artist with not only incredible potential, but a sonic palette deep and rich with influence. Fresh Kymm cites the likes of Marvin Gaye and Parliament Funkadelic as influences, and his style of hip hop harnesses their suave auras. He’s a natural performer and songwriter, and ‘Why You Mad?’ is an elegant excursion through those talents.

Fresh Kymm is known as Kymm Wilson: Professional Homie in his business endeavors, a title that couldn’t be worn with authenticity by anyone besides him. “I am the next hottest new rapper coming out of Oakland,” Kymm says. “That is positive… 100% real.” For his whole life, Kymm has been successful in the private and public sectors as a host, producer, and creative.

Now, he’s in the indie music game and a force to be reckoned with. ‘Why You Mad?’ will hit airplay next week and see an official, full release tomorrow, May 4. Fans in California can catch Fresh Kymm live in Oakland on May 21 and in San Francisco on July 18. | Twitter: @KymmWilson |