Game developer offers several options

Guinea Pixel is a fresh, innovative game development company with several interactive yet casual games for the Android platform and Apple iOS.  All three have seen incredible downloads and interest from the Android Play Store, and more people are visiting the site and learning about the games on a daily basis.

Guinea Pixel has three current offering, and each game is designed to hold the attention of the gamer yet has an easy pause system. It means players can pick up where they left off without worry.


Now that the character has stolen the precious artifact, it is time to escape into the thick forest.  Twists, turns and plenty of powerups wait for only the most intrepid of players.

“This game is a never ending runner.  All the player has to do is a swipe, but I have put extra bits into it to make it even more challenging,” said Uberstein.

The scenery of the game is what sets this apart from its counterparts.  Each part of the background has been carefully created to maximize interest with a strong color palette.  The entire game designed around bringing a new and fresh perspective to the endless running game experience.


Fast fingers are an absolute must in this dancing game.  The music, however, is what has people talking about this game.  Even a music producer, leaving a five-star review, commented on how enjoyable the music was, and how it molded the game perfectly.

“This game has a real sense of energy that pumps from the crowd behind the player.  The better the dancing, the better the crowd and this leads to more points,” said Uberstein.


Kill enemies; amass millions; gain the love of the populace.  That is the goal of Awesome Space Shooter.  It, like the quarter-fed games of the past, allows the user to pilot an interstellar ship across the cosmos and destroy enemies along the way.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking this will be a simple game,” continued Uberstein during his interview, “it is designed to challenge the reflexes of even the most seasoned shooters.”

Uberstein and Guinea Pixel are continually refining and updating the current games and platforms.  However, input from the greater Internet and gaming fans is something Uberstein takes very seriously and actively is seeking their input.

“I am always looking for the next best game, secret or powerup.  I am also looking for music to add to my games.  If someone is interested in providing music, game ideas or the like, I am always willing to hear what they have to say,” said Uberstein.

Those who download the games also have a unique opportunity for additional assistance, hints, and powerups.  Subscribe to the Play On Release newsletter, and Uberstein and the Guinea Pixel team will send out the latest for all games plus exclusive information on upcoming games that Uberstein will be seeking assistance on game design elements.

“Everything needed is on the website,” Uberstein concluded.

Visit Guinea Pixel for more information.