OLLALA presents the world’s first truly natural heated dildo which boasts the ability to give you the most intense sexual experience of your life.

Capitalising on the growing consumer need for realistic sex toys, the Ollala heated dildo brings revolutionary new design and technology to a classic sex toy fusing together essential elements such as realistic shape and flexibility with a commonly left out, yet highly important, element – natural warmth.


Designed to take your pleasure to the next level, the iconic Ollala comes in three different shapes and colours made for optimal comfort and intense pleasure. The natural look and heat brings you to the peak of sexual fulfilment and can enhance even the most dormant of sex lives.

What sets the Ollala aside from other heated dildos on the market is its natural warmth, feel and its incredible durability. Unlike electrical models or hard container types which need to be filled with hot water the Ollala uses a medically certified quality silicone which, once warmed up to a human like a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius, can retain its heat for as long as you can.

When it comes to picking the ultimate sex toy, the Ollala dildo certainly stands out from the crowd. Get it now, starting at only €83.00 exclusively at www.ollala.com


 An odourless dildo
 Temperature of 37 – 38 degrees Celsius
 Temperature maintenance for between 30 – 60 minutes
 Lifelong use
 Realistic shape
 No need for electrical outlets, cables or batteries
 Hermetically sealed
 Available in three colours and styles