Helping Neighbor, a brand new, full-service startup platform designed to help notify local neighbors about both service opportunities as well as posted projects for making everyone’s time more efficient and valuable, this week officially launched its comprehensive platform for everyone interested in using the free service site this year.

Borne from a passion for closing the communication loophole between local community members who often have no idea a fellow neighbor needs their services, Helping Neighbor solves the problem by bringing everyone together on one consolidated platform with posted jobs, inboxes, and contracts for job completions.

“Before a platform like this, neighbors typically had no idea someone right down the street could fix their project or complete their task like a professional,” said Alan Danque, Founder, and Owner of Helping Neighbor. “Now with our free site, everyone can see in a given location what projects are posted, and where their skills can be used for a little extra money.”

Those in need of help can post their project live on the site and sit back while providers bid on it. They then pick the provider they want, chat with them over the site to flush out details, and mutually sign a contract for job completion.

Helping Neighbor charges significantly less than their competitors, as they only apply charges when the projected winner completes the contracted project. Until that point, it is entirely free for everyone to use. The charge is 15% and is taken from the payment to the service person. It also protects the project owners money by providing access to an escrow payment service.

“This is a site that was truly designed to help neighbors save both time and money while pooling their skills and talents for the betterment of the community,” said Alan Danque.

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