Bago Travel Bags one of the leading manufacturers of lightweight, foldable travel bags and accessories has come up with their all new range of colorful inflatable beach bags

This stylish and utilitarian inflatable bag for women-  an ideal companion for the beach is now available on at a special 20% discount

The light and stylish range of beach totes by Bago Travel are inflatable which makes it real easy to carry them whenever one wants to hit the beach. The air filled beach bags weigh almost nothing and can easily be folded away for storage. Very easy to inflate or deflate these fabulous beach totes are perfect for traveling to the beach or pool. One can choose from a vast range of designs shapes and colors and pick one most suitable to their taste. All the valuables like a purse, mobile, tab, keys, books, etc. will easily fit into this bag while you have an excellent time on the beach. Moreover, these cute bags are not just meant for use on the beach since they would also double up as a summer bag or a shopping bag. According to a user’s review on – “This neat, eye-catching travel bag is extremely lightweight but provides a lot of space for carrying the beach towels, cell phones, and other bits.”


This premium ladies tote bag can be a perfect companion no matter if one is going for a day at the beach, for shopping and any other holiday activity. Children and teenagers can use the inflatable totes as school bags as well. The business handbag is a must have for beach visits and summer vacation. Moreover one need not worry about the sand since the material of this tote make it very easy to clean and maintain. The straps are incredibly sturdy, and you can expect it to carry a lot of weight. The beach totes by Bago are very comfortable on the shoulders, and the seams of this bag are nicely fastened. When not it use they can be deflated and stored in a pocket of a handbag. Beach lovers can now pick a cool inflatable tote in a beautiful color which would match their costume. One can choose from single color (blue, pink, red, green, orange, yellow, etc.) or mixed colors.

One of the best features of the Bago beach bags is that they can also be used as a seat or a comfortable head rest. These smart and elegant inflatable summer bags would protect all the fragile items like cellphone, tablet, books, purse, etc. from the water and sand. The cushioned fabric of the bag makes sure that the valuable are never damaged even after a drop. In case the sand from the beach finds its way into the bag, it can be easily washed off with water. If the bag looks dull after a few uses all one needs to do is wipe it with a wet cloth and it will be as good as new. A great gift for young school girls, the inflatable totes are sure to help one with a lot of activities. The Bago Summer beach inflatable bags are now available for sale on at a special discounted price.

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