iProud has launched its first product in the United States of America, the “iProudAmerican”.

On 4th November 2016, in a private event, iProud launched the “iProudAmerican” line, dedicated to the US market. Different from other initiatives, the “iProudAmerican” is more than branding products and selling. The “iProudAmerican” is an initiative to spread ideas and values in a country that is divided by the Presidential Election Campaign.

“The “iProudAmerican” offers to all of us the opportunity to confirm our beliefs in the essential fundamental value: FREEDOM. This is a core value associated with USA society, and the initiative will help us all, Americans and citizens of the free world. Remember this!” said the CEO of iProud.

In his speech at the private launch event, the CEO of iProud stated:

“We are all busy. People hurry to work. Everybody worries about tomorrow. We don’t hear each other. We don’t take enough time to understand each other. Still, we speak the same language but hear different words. We keep our heads down, spending hours a day. It’s like a fog in front of our eyes. But we can change this. We may have lost fights, but we’ve never lost our heart.


If you follow your heart, you’ll always find a way forward. We cannot be knocked down with just a single punch. Hit us once; we’ll get up. Beat us twice; we’ll get up stronger.

We’ll come from behind; we’ll put ourselves together to move on. Some may say we don’t have a long history, but how great is our history. How inspiring to others.

We are born to look forward, to the future. We’ve gone through tough times, but we’ve always found a way out. We’re made to help each other. There’s no room for hate. We’re made to love, to win.

Our soldiers fight for our rights. Our rights to be free, to think free. No one tells us what to think. We invent, we create, we conquer.

Democracy, Liberty, Unity starts here.

We knock down walls. We build bridges. We understand FREEDOM!

We give power to the people!

I’m black or white, I’m Christian or Muslim, I’m Cuban or Mexican, and I’m straight or gay. No one cares, I’m OK. I’m an American!

And that makes me proud!

Do you know why I pledge my allegiance when the National Anthem resounds? Because I trust it! And I want to show this to everybody.

They must know who am I.

I feel proud to wear the Star – Spangled Banner: those red and white stripes, those inspiring stars. My coffee deserves a cup with the national colors on it and even when I hold my phone, I hold my American flag.

iProudAmerican makes me feel great again!

CONTACT: The “iProudAmerican” will be available on different products starting with November 8th, on www.amazon.com. However, there is also an option to create your product by purchasing the franchise. Investors may want to contact us at franchise@iproudstore.com