Irrigation Listings Announces Launch of New, Commission-Free Marketplace for Commercial Agriculture Irrigation Parts and Equipment

irrigationlistingslogoIrrigation Listings has just announced the release of their new online source for parts and equipment unique to the commercial agriculture irrigation market.

Putting the Seller in Control of the Sale

Irrigation Listings offers access to an online marketplace that is secure, inexpensive and easy to navigate whether you’re a farmer or a dealer.  Unlike its competition, Irrigation Listings is unique because it operates without a percentage-based commission on either side of the transaction. With other sites, charges can range from 9% – 11% and the seller is obligated to sell the item regardless of what price the auction fetches. These commissions are in addition to other, often ‘hidden’ fees that aren’t immediately visible to the seller. There are even fees associated with selling equipment at a price that deemed too small by the auction site.

Someone looking to sell a handful of gearboxes might end up getting stuck with a bill including the 9%-11% commission and a penalty fee for low-selling. This frustration are eliminated with the release of, a website 100% dedicated to the commercial irrigation industry. Another feature of the site is its function as a networking platform; dealers in the industry can easily connect with other dealers to share inventory, making for overall better business.

A One-Stop Solution

Searching for hard-to-find irrigation parts on removes the need to go anywhere else on the web. It translates into time saved by not having to sift through potentially thousands of irrelevant search results. And, because of the Mobile Upload feature, farmers can use their cell phones to post pictures of their gear quickly for sale; the entire process takes mere minutes.



The benefits of using Irrigation Listings don’t stop there. Because the site is industry-specific, chances are much higher of selling a niche irrigation part at a fair price. Sellers will like this, and buyers know they’ll be able to spend less time searching and more time focusing on other, more critical parts of their businesses. For sellers who want to distinguish certain listings, Irrigation Listings offers Featured Listings. For a small fee, the seller can bring their listing above others on the site, adding to the already-high success rate for selling their product.

Driven by Membership

The business model behind is based on user memberships. Instead of paying a scaling commission per sale, members pay a low, monthly rate for access to the site. It frees them up to run their auctions however they like, without worrying about how much they’ll end up paying in commissions. also stays out of any money handling, allowing auction participants to manage purchases on their own. It This saves time and gives site users confidence in their transactions.

Irrigation Listings is currently advertising with multiple sources to cover as much ground as possible. Radio ads for the site can be heard on KRVN, KTIC, and KRBX. Irrigation Listing is also a proud sponsor of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and runs ads in the High Plains Journal. Representatives from will have a booth in the diversified building at Husker Harvest days as well.

The value in using lies in its affordability, ease of use and broad access to niche irrigation products. Visit the site today to learn more or to sign up as a seller and start moving inventory.

About Irrigation Listings

A fixed cost provider of advertising for irrigation industry specific pivots, parts and equipment.  Irrigation listings serve mainly Valley, Reinke, and Zimmatic dealers nationwide as well as many independent buyers and sellers of all sizes. It is a one-stop shop for irrigation dealers, irrigation contractors, buyers, and sellers.

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