Katia Lund Directs Re-Imagining Rio de Janeiro Documentary Series

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – March 9, 2016 – Rise Up & Care announces the most ambitious documentary project ever for a single city, the Cariocando/Re-Imagining Rio series of four documentaries by the acclaimed Brazilian director Katia Lund.  Rise Up & Care is teaming with Katia Lund and Jabuti Films to produce four one-hour documentary films in 12 months to showcase the powerful and inspirational unknown stories of transformation and leadership taking place in the favelas (marginalized communities) of Rio de Janeiro.

Lund is the award-winning co-director of such films as City of God, News of a Particular War and All the Invisible Children.  “There is simply no other filmmaker that matches Katia’s experience, expertise, and vision in telling the real and authentic stories of amazing leaders and individuals that are transforming their communities in Rio de Janeiro,” notes Jon Wilcox, Rise Up & Care director.

The four films of the Cariocando/Re-Imagining Rio series include Bad’ & the Birdieman about the leaders and individuals of Miratus Badminton Association in Chacrinha (Jacarepaguá), Gira & the Circus of Life focused on Crescer e Viver in Praza Onze, Campinho Show & Vidigal Soaring that tells the story of Guti Fraga and Nós do Morro in Vidigal, and Jongo & the Rhythm of Serrinha that brings to life the story of community and jongo music/dance in Madureira.

“All of the news coming out of Brazil right now is negative from Zika to corruption to recession.  However, at the ground level there is a lot of great news in Rio de Janeiro such as an expanding civil society and some of the most impressive local social organizations and courageous leaders that we have ever encountered.” said Kirk Bowman, Rise Up & Care Co-founder.  “We challenged Katia to re-imagine Rio from the ground up and tell the unknown stories of adversity and triumph.  She has succeeded far beyond our highest expectations,” Bowman added.

All of these films will be featured in the Katia Lund and Rise-Up & Care ‘Tamos Juntos/Together We Are Limitless Pop-Up Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro in August of 2016.

About City Rise Up & Care

Rise Up & Care is a 501c3 non-profit that identifies and invests in successful local organizations in developing communities that use high-level performance to transform the lives of young people and their communities.  Rise Up & Care uses film and media to inspire the world through the transformational stories of its local partners.

For more information about Rise Up & Care and their local partners in Rio de Janeiro please visit: http://www.riseup.care or contact Kirk Bowman at kirk@riseup.care.