Keep purses organized and easy to find

A lady’s closet is a unique place, and most ladies have a place for everything in the cabinet. Sadly, many times the place is a heap on the floor in a corner – handbags in particular.

It is no longer an issue with the Tote Hanger from Jacki Easlick. Now, all handbags, purses and evening clutches can be easily hung and out of the way.


Each heavy duty hanger slips over a standard rail in a regular closet. It makes the handbags easy to see, reach and keep from cluttering what could be an already full closet.



Easlick stated recently, “With my business, I had to have some way to keep my personal handbags in good shape and within reach at any time. It is why I invented the Tote Hanger. Now, all I have to do is take a quick glance and grab the perfect bag to match my day.”

Easlick listened to customers when designing the Tote Hanger. It comes with a 90-degree turn, making the bags take less room than before, something any lady with a full closet appreciates.

“The number of responses from women who have purchased the Tote Hanger is incredible. Most are wondering how they survived without a Tote Hanger,” said Easlick. “As word spreads, people are finding out they can hang more that just a handbag or a tote. It’s incredibly versatile. Hang just about anything from it and save space at the same time.”


The Tote Hanger is available exclusively online. Visit or for details. Sold at the Container Stores.