Leaders in Modern Cinematic Scoring – PulseSetter Celebrates Completing the Music for Upcoming Universal Movie “ID2: Shadwell Army”

Los Angeles-based boutique Music Company PulseSetter have earned a spotless reputation for their work in creating modern cinematic scores for movies, television and trailer projects of the highest level.  Recently, the company announced they had completed the musical score for the much anticipated Universal movie release “ID2: Shadwell Army,” a Football hooligan/crime based action film.


The amount of value of a well composed and crafted score can add to any movie or television project is very well known in the industry.  This is indeed understood deeply, by rising Los Angeles-based music company who specialize in modern cinematic scoring PulseSetter.  PulseSetter, the brainchild of two ex-Berklee College of Music graduates Freddy Sheinfeld and Guillermo Silberstein, who for 10 years have continue their run of high profile movie, television and trailer work with the recent announcement the team has completed the musical score for “ID2: Shadwell Army”, a Universal movie scheduled for an August 2016 release.

“For ‘ID2: Shadwell Army,’ I made the overall music score of the film while Guillermo did a fantastic job working on the electronic songs and music sound design,” commented Freddy Sheinfeld, about how PulseSetter approached the exciting project.  “Our company focuses on modern music scoring using organic processed sounds, Orchestra and synthesizers to produce Hollywood grade AAA scores.  We couldn’t be more passionate about our work here at PulseSetter, and we look forward to seeing the response to the score for ‘ID2.’”

According to the company, PulseSetter recently crossed the ten-year mark producing custom made music for Hollywood and other movie and television productions, using a combination of synthesizers and real orchestras to create their signature hybrid sound, a style of music that clearly stands apart from their competition in both its originality and impact.

“ID2: Shadwell Army,” is the sequel to the popular UK action film “ID”, and is set in same based-on-true-events world of crime, police and Football hooliganism, driving a high action plot.  Fans of “ID” are counting the days to the August release, and it is very much anticipated the PulseSetter score will do its part to keep the emotions and energy high.

Other high profile projects and clients PulseSetter has won praise from includes:  ABC, MTV and the Cartoon Network; the UFC; Cybergeddon; Amish Mafia; Sony; Six Flags; and much, much more.  An impressive list can be seen on the company website.

Expect more work from the prolific company to be announced soon.

For more information be sure to visit http://pulsesetter.com or contact info@pulsesetter.com