LuxoLite Answers Customers’ Burning Questions Regarding Highly Rated Headlamp

The LuxoLite team compiles answers to the top questions posed by customers

MAY 2, 2016 – The team at LuxoLite has compiled answers to their clients’ overall top three questions regarding the company’s highly rated headlamps.

LuxoLite headlamps offer hands-free, powerful lighting that can use in various situations, including running, fishing, hiking, walking a dog after sunset, and more. Many people report keeping their headlamps in their car in the event of an emergency or using their headlamps around the house for fixing sinks, organizing pantries, and more.

Customers ask the company a variety of questions, and LuxoLite has released a statement to address the top three issues.

LuxoLite receives many inquiries regarding the lumens of their headlamps. According to the LuxoLite team, their headlamps offer up to 168 lumens when adjusted to the brightest setting. Customers can improve their headlamps to reduce the lumens. There are two push buttons, one for the white Cree LED light that controls four settings (high, medium, low, and strobe) and one for the red LED lights (steady and strobe).

Each button has small bumps that help users intuitively switch on and adjust their headlamps in the dark. “What is nifty about the LuxoLite headlamp flashlight is that you don’t have to click through each setting to turn it off when you’re done. This is a common nuisance with another headlamp,” said the LuxoLite team. When users turn on their headlamps, they choose white light or red light with just a few quick taps. According to LuxoLite, “Then after it has been on one setting for just a few seconds and you want it off, you just push the button and its off, no flipping through every setting to get to off!”

The LuxoLite team also receives questions regarding the batteries needed for the headlamps. Each headlamp comes with alkaline Duracell AAA batteries, and consumers can choose to use rechargeable or non-rechargeable for further use. The average battery life rate at 30 hours.

Many customers also ask LuxoLite’s customer service team about the headlamps’ waterproof properties. Each headlamp is rated to IPX6 waterproof standards while other headlamps are rated at IPX4.

“IPX6 is extremely valuable, especially when compared to other headlamps in its category that are rated at IPX4. A common complaint among headlamp users is that the Standard IPX4 rating offered by others does not hold up in the pouring rain, whereas IPX4 resists necessary splashing water from any direction, IPX6 rating protects from powerful water jets. IPX6 is what you need if you’d ever be caught outside in the pouring rain and need to rely on your headlamp heavily to light your surroundings and come home safely,” said LuxoLite.

LuxoLite has met customer demand by offering an improved resistance against water inlet that will keep their lights going in the toughest of weather conditions. “One thing to bear in mind, though, is that it’s however not submersible, you cannot use it under water. That would require IPX7 or IPX8 rating which is rarely offered even for high-priced, high-end headlamps,” said the LuxoLite team.

LuxoLite is happy to answer any customer questions via their customer service center and is pleased to offer answers to the top three issues received by their team. Details about LuxoLite headlamps is available at

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