LuxoLite Headlamps Offer Safe Family Playtime Opportunities

New headlamps are just one way that families can reduce the chance of injury or death due to unintentional accidents during playtime

MAY 26, 2016 – LuxoLite headlamps are just one way that families around the nation can decrease the chances of an accidental accident during recess.

Since 1987, the rate of child death due to an unintentional accident has reduced by more than 50 percent. New data from shows that more than 7500 children age 19 and under died from unintentional injuries in 2013, which is a death rate of 9.3 per 100,000 children.

These unintentional injuries include suffocation, drowning, burns, environmental factors, falls, poisoning, and more. Since 1987, many child-safe products have been developed to help reduce these unintentional injuries. LuxoLite headlamps are another tool that can reduce accidental injuries during playtime.

According to LuxoLite, customers note using their headlamps while playing hide and seek with their families. Using the headlamps, customers have been able to have their kids hide in the dark and use light to find them. Then, they can switch roles and play again. The headlamps give families a fun, a new way to play while reducing the odds of an injury. Parents who want to let their children play in the garden after sunset can keep an eye on them just by letting their kids wear a headlamp. Then, parents can watch the light beam to know where their children are. Kids are also safer since they can clearly see ahead of them.

The headlamp can also be used as a bike or tail light, making kids more visible to oncoming traffic. Kids can use the headlamps indoors and outdoors, offering families a unique opportunity to create memories anytime, anywhere.

While child deaths due to the unintentional accident have decreased, the numbers are still startling for many. According to one article by Carol Azizian, parents should be working to prevent these type of accidents.

LuxoLite is proud to offer a simple tool that helps parents do just that. More information can found at

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